New Poll, Endorsements: Kasichmentum in Ohio?

john kasich funny face

TH: Ohio Governor John Kasich’s continued presence in the 2016 campaign is predicated on winning his home state on Tuesday.streak of polls had shown Kasich trailing frontrunner Donald Trump in Buckeyeland, but a fresh Fox News survey measures a modest lead for Kasich heading into the ‘Super Duper Tuesday’ contest:


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  1. I am in the Cruz camp. There is a lot more strategery involved in this primary than should be necessary. It is obvious Cruz hasn’t a shot in Ohio. He isn’t even trying here. As Ohio is a winner take all state I would rather its electoral votes not go to The Donald. Therefore, in this primary, I will vote for Kasich just to deny the electoral votes to The Donald.

  2. Nobody likes a “son of a mailman”

    Especially when they ask you questions about what’s in the package, or “you got a letter from the IRS.” I’d vote for Rubio before I’d ever vote for Kasich, and I despise both equally. I’m voting for Trump. A vote for Trump is a vote against the establishment which is what I’m after. I’m well informed. 🙂

  3. do the sons of mail men ” go postal” as well ??? Is the crying bit a warning signal that he may pull out a pistol in both hands and “level” the playing field so to speak ?

    I think he’s cuckoo.

  4. Son of a Mailman?

    I thought Mailmen were too lazy to fuck. Figured they had the Plumber take care of it for em. Fat, union slobs sleeping in the mailroom getting top union wages and Health Insurance that made Congress jealous.


    Guess that’s where he learned to suck at the gov’t teat.

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