New Poll: Mexicans Want Illegal Immigrants Deported, by Force If Necessary

A new Washington Post poll shows that a majority of Mexicans want illegal immigrants deported, and almost none want them to stay.

They also support use of their new national guard to stop the flow of immigrants through their country. Did President Trump’s immigration policies force Mexicans to face the consequences of open borders?

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  1. Is that right.

    Well, considering that their own government has been complicit in getting illegals over the US border since years now, I’d say they have quite the dilemma on their hands. I have only limited sympathy.

  2. It’s all about market share: For years Mexico had cornered the market on the illegal alien trade, receiving billions in monies sent back by their citizens in the U.S.

    Competition from other countries is on the rise and Mexico is paying in the loss of monies, reputation and a flood of illegals within their own boarders.

    In short, Mexico is experiencing from Central American illegals much as the U.S. experienced from Mexican illegals.

    Both legal and illegal Mexicans in the U.S. are feeling the backlash.

  3. Fake news, they dont mean from the U.S. they want illegals deported FROM MEXICO and that’s okay because they have the right to defend there own country. You stupid racist h8rs. My uncle Joe will abort you all.

  4. Mexico is such a screwed up country. Their citizens freely travel back and forth across the border.

    I suspect Mexico has their own deportation force, and it’s govt sanctioned. Mexican citizens are capable of handling this. The cartels aren’t making money when the “product” ain’t moving

  5. Practically nothing has come from all of the anti illegal immigration, border control, and deportation talk yet.

    Outside of the talk itself.


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