New Poll Shows Texas Going Blue Is a Giant Lie


It was the sign for Republicans that the atomic clock of conservatism was at a half-minute to midnight: If Texas wasn’t turning blue, it was at least going purple.

That meant 38 electoral votes would go up in a puff of blue smoke — and with them, any chance of winning a presidential contest under the current party system.

And Donald Trump was largely to blame.

All of the evidence was there: Except, um, for the recent polling, which shows Trump beating every potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidate. But let’s talk about that other stuff first, shall we?

Because otherwise the media wouldn’t have a story.

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  1. Conservatives and Republicans have to get and stay energized and engaged. Most of all they have to vote! Especially to overcome the vote fraud that the Democrats will engage in. It’s not an if but how much fraud there will be.

    It does no good to be in the majority if you don’t vote. And it does no good to be in the majority if you don’t stand up for your beliefs. Wear your MAGA/KAGA hat or shirt. Put stickers on your car, promote the 2nd Amendment and the COTUS, etc. Make “them” think that they are outnumbered!

    We’re in a battle for our lives and our Country. Act like it. Stand and fight!

  2. It’s all attempted subliminal communication to the low information Repubican voters that the election is already a lost cause and just stay home on election day to avoid the effort. It worked against McStain.
    Luckily for us Rick Santelli accidently activated the Tax Day Tea Party on Feb 17, 2009.
    If not for that fateful video clip all those Tea Party groups and rallies may never have materialized.
    The rest is history.

  3. I moved from the Seattle area to Plano, TX last year specifically to escape a growing blue state shithole situation. Couldn’t be happier. We now have a nice home in an infinitely better neighborhood for $300 less per month in mortgage payments with lower energy costs and a far nicer lifestyle from my point of view since Plano has better bike paths and walking neighborhoods than our old WA neighborhood did. Plus there are no junkies living on the trails. Better weather as well. Gas prices are 40% cheaper too. I think meany people here understand just what will happen if TX goes blue because the democrats in TX are particularly psychopathic and dangerous.

  4. Well I live here in Central TX and this area has been invaded. The difference is there is still over half the population that is proudly conservative whereas in CO no one was public about voting Republican and the Republican party is mud. And some of the dems here also trend more blue dog to lower taxes and supporting gun rights. More proof is the vote to make it require a majority to ever impose a state tax, that passed at 74%. Texas has quite a ways to go before it goes blue full libtard. Still have to be vigilant, the leftists coming here from CA do organize, get on city councils and run for office and they spend a lot of time working the university towns.

  5. The major metro centers — Houston, DFW, San Antonio, Austin — are most definitely blue inside their limited borders, but that’s been true basically forever. Like all Southern states, Texas was solidly Democrat until the Red Wave took over the South in the 1980s and 90s. After that, the suburbs and rural areas went Republican and stayed there. The controlling voting base is mostly the suburbs. Unlike East and West coast cities, urban living isn’t very popular here, so most middle class live in the outlying sprawl and commute.

    The problem is that Left Coasters are moving here in droves and buying up suburban houses. Will Texas turn blue in 2020? No. 2024? Probably not. After that, however, it’s going to get dicey.

    Unless we start shooting them at the border, which I’m fine with.

  6. It is up to us in the hinterlands of Texas to combat the deep blue sanctuary cities. Most of us are up for that fight.

  7. Not nearly as big a lie as the results of the polls that that claim most people now believe that Barack is going straight

  8. If you need any proof as to the scheme REgressives have in mind for TX, look at a county map. All blue along the Mexican border as well as the large urban areas.

    10,000 people a month move into the DFW area alone. Bet your last donut that many of them are bringing their idiocy with them.

    Saw it happen before in CO. I want to see a blue state turning red. Where is that happening?

  9. Americans think if straws are illegal and the minimum wage is high then the environment will be clean and people will be rich, but what actually happens is that no one will want to start a business, people will go to jail, and prices will rise.

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