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New Proposed Wall

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  1. You forgot to add New York, Virginia, Massachusetts, ….etc.

    Also, the true line going through California should only border at the Altamont Pass and stop at the southern border of Jefferson.

  2. Actually, the the problem lies in the cities. The pussyhats, socialists, commies, AntiFa’s BLM’s, liberal colleges, corrupt politicians and democrats seem to clump-up there.

  3. Reboot had it right. After the migration of Californians to Oregon and Washington, they’ll need to take that wall much further north.

  4. Ah, wait a second there. You can notch out northeastern California. We are the State of Jefferson. Leave in Del Norte, Humboldt and Mendocino counties with the rest of California liberals.

  5. Works for me, although I’d go farther north around Oregon
    and then deport all the libs out of Washington. Then build
    a Navy base in Seattle.

  6. They passed statewide amnesty on to Governor Moonbeam last night. Our federal government will become an occupying force in CA.

  7. Can we have an inland border too? Chicago needs a nice new fancy high wall around the entire city including the lake shore.

    Notch out New Mexico also. They treat citizens there like illegals anyhow.

  8. The wall around California must have checkpoints and gun towers before they destroy the country as they have their state. Statewide amnesty? Really?

  9. Doesn’t go far enough north.

    And it needs a moat.

    Oh wait. If they cut a moat all the way from the Pacific to the Gulf, Mexico migh float away. Never mind.

  10. ReBoot…..don’t need to go that far. About a 150 miles will do. You then get into farm and ranch country. Unfortunately there’s a lot more of them than us.

  11. Perfect. Of course this would cut off all the conservative people in Northern California. That’s a risk I’m willing to take though

  12. Somebody save me! We used to be safe behind the Orange Curtain (Orange County) but it has been invaded. I think a better idea would be for the laws to be enforced and save the Americans who still live here.

    My vote has been completely neutralized – no one I have voted for has been elected since the 1980’s (Reagan).

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