New Record Set In Women’s 400 Meter Hurdles; Time Almost Qualifies For Olympic 400 Meters Without Hurdles


Sydney McLaughlin broke her world record Wednesday and won the Olympic 400-meter hurdles gold, finishing in 51.46 seconds in yet another close victory over U.S. teamate Dalilah Muhammad.

McLaughlin came from behind after the last hurdle to top the defending Olympic champion. Muhammad’s time of of 51.58 also beat McLaughlin’s old record of 51.9, set at Olympic trials last month. More

The amazing part, MchLaughlin’s time running the hurdles is only .11 second off the Olympic qualifying time for the 400 meters flat without hurdles. Here

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  1. Currently watching two more track and field Gold and Silver winner draping themselves in the American flag. If your not watching the Olympics this year because of 8 assholes, you got puncked. They’re great.

  2. So far the USA women runners are doing much better then the USA men. An Italian man won the 100m and a Canadian man just won the 200m.

    Looking forward to the relays. I don’t know if it’s lack of training or what but the USA is not known for their crisp baton passes.

    And for the wrestler enthusiasts, check out David Taylor, the guy is the second coming of Dan Gable, his last 3 matches were stopped mid match for technical superiority;

  3. You know what wouldn’t surprise me is if some phony ass authorities go back to the track for this Olympics and rule it out of compliance. Too many records being set. A bureaucrat can find a problem with a ham sandwich. Wait, maybe that’s a prosecutor, same thing.

  4. The records that are being broken are quite impressive considering the very high Heat & Humidity in Tokyo.
    The Humidity makes the air much more dense and tougher to overcome than the same temp. air with less humidity.

  5. I did take offense to some NBC promo talking to a female black sprinter who was “breaking boundaries” and all of the things she had to overcome.
    P L E A S E !

    Yeah, she was only like the 832,767 female black sprinter in USA history…

  6. Kcir, the heat will affect endurance athletes the most.
    The sprinters not near as much.
    I read where the Tokyo stadium running surface is exceptional new technology.
    I have run on the track at Disney Wide World of Sports and that track is awesome. A combination of texture, sponge softness with return energy.
    These aren’t you father’s track surfaces…

  7. Loco B Saltine

    Its not just the track; there’s a new type of supershoe that is adding maybe 1% to 2% to the speed of the runners

    And the advantage this shoe creates increases somehow with the distance run. So, you just may see some super times in distances starting at 400m.

    I mean, why would are we seeing these amazing times given the effect of the heat and humidity and the fact that Covid disrupted training and the natural 4 year interval between Olympiads

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