New stimulus analysis shows Obama never understood investment

AMERICAN THINKER: The free-spending left has always been known for its firm belief in free lunches and general economic illiteracy.  But taken in investment terms, the left-dominated Obama administration comes up looking even more colossally stupid, bringing back just 44 cents for America for every dollar spent.  What kind of investment is that?

A professional investor’s analysis, spotted by ZeroHedge writer Tyler Durden, really makes President Obama, and the vaunted stimulus spending program he is still praising on behalf of himself, look like a rube, a boob, and a fool.  Seriously, you would not want Obama to be your fund-manager after reading this.  Simon Black, whose website says he lives in Chile, explained this as he analyzed what was almost exclusively the Obama administration’s $11.6-trillion stimulus.

The size of the stimulus didn’t bother him.  The problem, he said, was the return on investment.  As he explained it:

12 Comments on New stimulus analysis shows Obama never understood investment

  1. That stooge never understood much of anything. He’s had a lifetime of having things handed to him simply because he was a half ass articulate black that could be paraded about. Anyone that bothered to look couldn’t fail to see he was an empty shirt.

  2. Obola understood perfectly well his intentions.
    “Investment” had nothing to do with it.

    “Investment” (as applied by the socialist) is a weasel-word for “re-distribution of wealth.” There is NEVER a “return” on a gov’t “investment” and thus, the word doesn’t carry the same connotation (or denotation) as it does in, say, the Stock Market, or business.

    Socialism, an ideology of theft and innate corruption, is founded upon lies.
    And the lie of gov’t “investment” is only one of them.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. John Maynard Keynes invented the idea of government ‘investment’ into the economy.
    He made hundreds of millions off of it, during the Depression – which was only a depression because of government influence before and spending after the 1929 crash.
    Calvin Coolidge inherited the worst recession the US had seen, but turned it around in months by reducing government spending.

  4. We all know that when anybody in govt says “investment” what they really mean is “spending other people’s money” usually with an eye for either/or buying votes or enriching cronies. In Barky’s case, the spending worked to get him a second term, and almost worked for H-Rod. Thank goodness their “investments” were Trumped.

  5. How can anyone analyze and discuss a fictional character who is known to have used at least a couple aliases (and more than one SSN)??
    That’s like arguing about what Bugs Bunny smelled like.

    The psychiatrists can dissect him if we do the right thing and imprison him for life.

  6. PS The ONLY way I expect to see real Justice return is if President Trump continues his current pace of accomplishment and sees some cooperation from a reformed Congress during his second full term in office.

    It’ll be shame that it will take that long. Joe Biden will have probably stepped in front of a bus by then.

  7. Obama was incompetent. No business background, no true work record and a sealed educational record. You get what you elect America. Let’s hope the masses don’t fall for such a poseur again.


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