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New Study Shows Riots Make America Conservative

Intelligencer: The recent spate of protests against police brutality have changed the way the left thinks about rioting. The old liberal idea, which distinguished between peaceful protests (good) and rioting (bad), has given way to a more radical analysis. “Riots work,” insists George Ciccariello-Maher in Salon. “But despite the obviousness of the point, an entire chorus of media, police, and self-appointed community leaders continue to try to convince us otherwise, hammering into our heads a narrative of a nonviolence that has never worked on its own, based on a mythical understanding of the Civil Rights Movement.” Vox’s German Lopez, while acknowledging the downside of random violence, argues, “Riots can lead to real, substantial change.” In Rolling Stone, Jesse Myerson asserts, “the historical pedigree of property destruction as a tactic of resistance is long and frequently effective.” Darlena Cunha, writing in Time, asks, “Is rioting so wrong?” and proceeds to answer her own question in the negative.

The direct costs of violent protests are fairly self-evident. People who may not have anything to do with the underlying grievances get injured or killed, their livelihoods are impaired, the communities in which the rioting takes place suffer property damage that can linger for decades, and the inevitable police response creates new dangers for innocent bystanders. The pro-rioting (or anti-anti-rioting) argument portrays this as the necessary price of worthwhile social change. Rioting can generate attention among people who might otherwise ignore the underlying conditions that give rise to it. more

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  1. Officer Chauvin was just trying to keep us safe when he held down Floyd.
    Just like the scamdemic lockdown.

    Look at how many lives and people’s health was destroyed by the lockdown–which “kept us safe”.
    So just why am i supposed to be upset that one lone guy got hurt by this officer doing his duty to ‘keep us safe’?

    Letting the left set the narrative is a mistake, people.

  2. I’m rather surprised that more people center left and black, too, are complaining about the riots. Rioters have absolutely no relation to floyd, cops, or black people in general. They’re just assholes. And the more that the uber left tries to convince us they’re relevant, the more we see through it. The biden camp is donating money to blm! After he told black people they weren’t black if they didn’t vote for him, specifically.
    Nobody sees through that bullshit, right, Joey? lol.

  3. I’ve read before (paraphrase)-

    The left (marxists) are always plotting and scheming BUT, they’re never thinking. They’re just NOT that smart.

  4. “Riots can lead to real, substantial change.”, “the historical pedigree of property destruction as a tactic of resistance is long and frequently effective.”

    oh yes, it’s effective.
    it effectively leads to those in neighborhoods destroyed by the riots having harder time by removing the essential businesses they rely on to provide food, clothing and shelter.

    but it usually is only minorities affected so that’s ok

  5. Things are going to get worse. As the police and national guard crack down, the violence will get less centralized and more random. Currently, you can avoid riots, but later it will be harder to know where violence will occur. This will instill a general fear that will drive even more people away from the left.

  6. The rioters targeted businesses and cops.

    Hmmm … Why businesses when you’re pissed at the cops?
    Why businesses, or even cops for that matter, when the cops do what they’re told?
    Mayors and Commissioners run the cops – they don’t run themselves.

    “A Fish rots from the Head.”
    “If the Premier steals, the Ministers will Kill.”

    We seem to have forgotten some basics – or the rioters are willfully ignorant.
    Mr. Floyd is dead because the Mayor of Minneapolis has no clue what his officers are up to – and doesn’t care about the quality of their characters or the quality of their training.

    Probably some hiring shortcuts and willful ignorance at earlier abuses – these things aren’t born fully grown.

    There was a Deputy in Charles County MD who killed some 3 chained dogs in as many years and his behavior was overlooked until he turned his attention on humans – but the signs were apparent (at least in hindsight).

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. The pandemic lock downs did not last to November so now they must create enough civil unrest to ensure voters stay home and require cheat by mail.

    This is all part of their plan because its either us or them.

  8. The American left in the American communist party. Corporate America has enthusiastially adopted leftist principles, tropes, shibboleths and memes so as to sell to the communist. China interaction has led to a natural corporate desire for more command and control governing systems. Internationalists, as many global corporation’s leaders, and politicians, see themselves, are driven toward command and control by nature and by money and power.

    China is corporate fascism with communist drivel surrounding. This is what our miserable leftists seek for our country, now and forever.

  9. Gonad, the left wouldn’t be setting the narrative if they didn’t own the media.
    A vast, left-wing conspiracy decades in the making.

  10. Should it be that only leftists benefit from taking advantage of a crisis? I should think that this form of “shopping therapy” is not condoned by most people–including those who profess to “understand”–they only understand when their properties aren’t at risk.
    If the President handles this right, he’s going to be the beneficiary of this at the ballot box.


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