New Tack By the Left- Divide Trump and Pence

The Telegraph is peddling a story that the Pence camp flatly denies.

Supposedly after the Trump “pussy tape” hit the streets, Mike Pence and his wife were so disgusted they hatched a plot to oust Trump. They went to the RNC and offered up a coup where Pence would be handed the nomination with Condoleezza Rice running as veep.

The story also says that Trump may have been offered $800,000,000 dollars to drop out.

So much for Trump being in this for the money.

Not sure what this story accomplishes. Wouldn’t Trump know about this if he was offered money? And if he didn’t know, what do they expect Trump to do now, fire Pence?

Pence is free to go if he’s still horrified by Trump’s remark.

Looks like Trump has everyone by the pussy.

Vice President Mike Pence plotted ‘coup’ to run for president with Condoleezza Rice

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13 Comments on New Tack By the Left- Divide Trump and Pence

  1. It’s enough to make a sane man homicidal:

    8 yrs of Obama, followed by a Hillary near miss, followed by every phony thing under the sun being thrown at Trump.

    On the flip side, it’s great fun watching liberals lose what’s left of their drug-addled minds.

  2. Pence is afraid of his own shadow. He’s busied himself doing his version of the invisible man since getting on the ticket.
    Trump is bulletproof to all thrown at him, and that makes them even crazier. Half the fun is watching these morons coming unglued.

  3. Last week T-Rex was feuding with POTUS Trump, too. Blatant lies from media. Methinks the heat is going to get turned up on all this evil very soon. Apparently a couple of firings and demotions haven’t been warning enough.

  4. I knew that was fake news the second I saw the headline. The lies will be blatant and non-stop for the next few years, I’m afraid. A person would have to be a complete goddamn moron to take any of this seriously now.

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