New Trump ad against Hillary

hillary reckless

Watch it here

14 Comments on New Trump ad against Hillary

  1. Cut to the Chase, Donald!!!…..spare nothing, open the can of worms to force feed the supporters of this Cankles Clown…

  2. 30 seconds. Fits low info attention span. Disembowel this bitch using bites from her own media. And don’t be Romney stupid. Buy air time on network prime time. Put it in front of faces of the pop culture dummies.

    MORE!!! MORE!!!

  3. Bad Brad. Romney had all sorts of great Internet ads. But you’ve got to get them on TV to reach grannies and grandpas and others who actually watch network programming.

    I don’t even use Instagram. Dropped out of Twitter and Facebook too. Can’t stand them.

    It’s got to be an all of the above strategy that reaches all cockroaches, no matter where we get our info.

  4. She says she “short circuited.” That means she has epilepsy which causes her to lie, and bark like a dog.

  5. PHenry, agreed. Go getcha an Instagram account and I’ll send you some Patriotic places to watch. There’s some awesome people there

  6. UNCLESAMSMISGUIDEDCHILDREN, OUTLAWMORGAN, AMERICANSTRONG_OFFICIAL, AMERICAN_ASF, LOREN_NOTASEAL, (dudes an operator and has great stories and footage), infadel_ro, rangerup,keepamerica.usa, recoilmagazine, thefreedomlegion, 1776united, panteaoproductions, foundersrepublic, and last but not least truexodus because we should all shoot that good.

    If you come up with some good ones of your own please share them.

  7. I am not having any luck with videos lately. Can only get straight up utube. Even netflix is on the suck! WTF.

  8. We need about 50 more, just like that one. Heck, with all the material she’s provided, they could made 100, 200 or 300 more spots like that!

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