New Trump Brand .45 ACP Handgun Ammo Sure to Rile Liberals Everywhere

Godfather Politics:  A new brand of .45 caliber handgun ammo has hit the market carrying a photo of Donald Trump on it! Well, this ought to drive liberals crazy!

Called “Trump .45 ACP,”* the ammunition is suitable for a .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun such as Colt’s venerable 1911 Army model.


The description of the ammo on the webpage where it can be purchased notes, “Every single 2020 Democrat candidate wants to strip Americans of their right to the Second Amendment. Some have said it openly, while others try to be a little deceiving.”

That latter part is exactly right. Take Sen. Cory Booker, for example.

Booker recently said that as president he would force gun owners to turn in their guns under a “gun buy back” program. But he is lying outright by trying to massage his public proclamations to fool people into thinking his plan would not include jailing gun owners who refuse to comply with the policy.

After all, if his policy is a mandatory confiscation of guns, then by necessity there would have to b the threat of arrest and jail for refusing to abide by the “buy back.” more here

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  1. Sorry, me and the Dillon 550 roll all my .45ACP ammo. Lead practice stuff and JHP carry ammo. It will make a bucket full in a couple of hours. While I sing songs from Willy Wonka. It seems to like those.

  2. A bit pricey for “reloads,” but I bet they won’t be able to keep up with the orders. Would like to know who’s pill this 230 grainer is. Maybe see if that info is available next week.

    Bullet/ Grain Velocity
    230g HP 900fps/ 5″


  4. Just remember kids, it ain’t the bullet that kills, it’s the hole!

    Remember the ‘hammer’. Two in the apex of the chest, one in the head. Learn it, live it, love it.

    Where the fuck is Bad Brad anyway? This is his job.

  5. Without knowing its feed and performance characteristics with a give weapon its just ammo with a pretty picture on the box. Lowell, pretty serious apparatus you’re pulling on there.👍

  6. They’re listing it as 230 gr. JHP.

    I can’t remember if there’s a “Gold Dot” brand of that description, but if so I would try a box to see if the “S&W Thunder Ranch Performance Center Model” would like it. Would be doing that for a friend as I never replaced all those lost in the boating accident.

  7. Different Tim: “Lowell, pretty serious apparatus you’re pulling on there.👍”

    I’m a hardware junkie, what can I say? This is my second 550. Sent one as a present to the teenage son of a friend in Oregon. Jonathan. Think the world of that boy. He also has a hand built 1911 from the estate of a deceased friend that built it. I made sure he got it. He wrote me a letter in crooked teenage handwriting after his dad put it in his hands. I’ll be holding on to that.

    He got to shoot (here in Georgia) with the guy built that handgun. And that guy (Mike) spoke to me later about how impressed he was with that young man, the son of a friend of both of us. Mike NEVER spoke such about any teenager I knew of.

    So when Mike passed, I made sure that young man got that 1911. And something to feed it. Dad is supervising and training, I didn’t do any of this without Dad’s blessing.

  8. “Lowell, ever have feed problems w/all lead rounds? Modified ramp?”

    All of my 1911’s will feed empty brass as fast as you can cycle the slide. If your magazines are up to spec, it only takes minimal smoothing of the ramp and just making sure the barrel doesn’t have a discontinuity at the bottom of the chamber when in the full rear and down position.

    I had my first 1911 before I had my drivers license. And I got the latter on my 16th birthday.

  9. @ Lowell-
    Any pet recipes?
    My little brother and I worked up this .45 ACP load:
    Oregon Trail 200gr RNFP (.45LC) over 5.5 gr W231, CCI #300 primers, COAL 1.230″. First batch of 500 rds functions reliably in six different 1911s- Colt Combat Commander (stock), 2 Springers (worked), a Kimber, two Paras, and an early-production XD.
    This should run about 800 FPS, so fairly conservative. I reckon powder charge could be bumped up a taste.

    I want to test this:
    but haven’t found any locally yet.

  10. My lawyer (fuck ’em all) told me to never give specifics (on the innerwebz) on loads because… idiots. Not that I think you are or anyone here.

    But I use a 200 grain SWC for practice at about 900 fps with Winchester 452 shotgun powder. Not hard to figure out the charge from any reloading manual.

    Carry loads are a 185 grain Sierra JHP at ~1100 fps (yes, kind of hot) with Alliant Power Pistol powder. All loads use a Federal Premium large pistol primer. I don’t use magnum primers for any handgun loads.

    ETA: A 200 grain projectile @ 800 fps is very conservative. Some 1911’s may well short stroke that.

  11. Don’t have a .45, still, it’s a patriotic duty to purchase from them. Will toss a few on the floor boards whenever hauling a liberal around. Seeing bullets pisses them off. Seeing them come from under the seat when I slam on the brakes should cause them to pee their pants.

  12. Judge, a couple years ago my three nephews received handguns for Christmas from their dad. Their dads a lib but worked as a prison guard up to retirement and then became a court bailiff with the local sheriff department and actually supports the second amendment. He’s a rarity. Anyhow, my nephews showed them to me at the family get-together later that day. My Bill Maher loving, Trump hating Canadian stepfather just about had a damn heart attack. We still laugh about that when we get together.

  13. I’m a lucky guy…my son brought me a 625JM for Christmas year before last! I, too, had a 1911 as a yute—-and several more since—-but im mighty happy with this N Frame & moon clips! Guess I oughta buy a box too.

  14. I’m a 1917 guy, but I had an EAA Witness, and also an AO 1911.

    I lost all of them in a canoe accident.

    But if I ever find another 1917 I’ll buy a box.

  15. Always wanted a Ruger Redhawk in 45 colt. Thought it would be a nice addition in the woods with my Marlin in 45-70 (RIP BUDDY). Plus you can load them up to magnum power with the right gun.

  16. Dif Tim, Marlin 45-70 lives here as well. S/N under 1200. LOVE the sound of former libs asking for quality time with her at the range. Dead on at 100 yards. Better than AR-15.

  17. WOW!!

    Tons of 1911 guys here and that is a great thing.

    I tried every different caliber size available before I settled on a Raging Judge Magnum.

    I picked that particular handcannon for a few very well thought out reasons with the first and foremost being power, then versatility, then economics.

    Since my RJM is chambered in .45 LongColt it can also eat any .410 shotgun round AND the .454 Casull round.

    Because this beast weighs in at around 10Lbs fully loaded and is a full sized revolver with 2 cylinder locks it is not for everyone to use but if you can handle the weight it is worth it because the felt recoil is like shooting a .22 unless you are blasting away with casull rounds.

    Also for me the .45 LongColt rounds serve dual purpose in the Henry level action .45 and make great reloads. I use shotgun powder for my reloads and have gotten up to 10 uses per shell before a I get a burn-through and that helps when I shoot competitively at my local gun range.

    The energy that big fat .45 slug can create is awesome and with the felt recoil that of a .22 you can shoot this gun for hours before you need a break.

    Most gun-nuts I talk to have very bad things to say about the RJM but I have owned it for about a decade now and put thousands of rounds through it without a problem.

    The only drawback aside from the weight is that you will end up having to buy a custom made holster for it since the cylinder is too wide for off the shelf holsters. I had a dual under the shoulder rig made out of pure leather and that was the best decision I ever made because I realized that most people will pay thousands of bucks for the ultimate handgun then put it inside a $20 wallyworld cloth rig with plastic connectors and closures then bitch about how their gun got damaged because of the holster or how uncomfortable it is to wear it without giving a second thought to how your firearm needs the best holster you can find that adjusts to your body and clothing.

  18. @Lowell: GREAT gear – and great, very kind act for that young man! I have no idea how many rounds my 550 has made. Our sons and I used to share it until they bought their own. Total has to be well into the 100Ks. It has never failed Equally great about it is that their measure does VERY will with ball rifle powders for everything. I still check all my extruded powder rifle loads on a scale before loading them.

    I still think the 1911 is the most beautiful (and sweet) semi-auto ever made but I’ve also found SIG 220s and SA XDs awfully nice to use too. SA has done a great job with their striker triggers, IMO.

    Thanks for the posts, guys!!


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