New Website Will Help You Detect Neo-Marxist School Courses

Daily Caller; Dr. Jordan Peterson spoke about his new website which will allow students to detect neo-Marxist courses and discussed his experience as a non-progressive professor in academia while speaking with The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Rob Shimshock on “The Shimshock Show” Thursday.

The University of Toronto psychology professor explained that he had proposed giving governments the power to cut funding by 25 percent for universities that engage in indoctrination, but deemed the notion “too dangerous,” instead recommending a site that would allow students to input course syllabi and receive feedback regarding how neo-Marxist the course would be.

“[It will] give you a thumbs-up if it’s a course you should take because it actually has educational content or a thumbs-down if it’s just a matter of postmodern indoctrination,” Peterson said. “We’re hoping that if we inform consumers, you know, incoming university students and their parents, then perhaps we could drive the enrollment down in these disciplines by 75% over the next five years.”  more here

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  1. 💠 Two Obvious Choices 💠

    1. (give bad reviews)

    2. There are all kinds of creative and anonymous ways of harassing people out of a job. Just don’t get caught.


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