Update: New Word For Progressive Women That We Should Add To Our Lexicon

This is being bumped periodically so we can add to it.

PHenry has 3 new editions that he coined-

Galgoyles.  Hideous Democrat females elected to Congress to divert slush in their desired direction.

Tantrumists.   Childish Democrats that refuse to behave as adults.

Glacialists.  Not to be confused with Globalists.  Republicans that advance an agenda 2 or 3 inches per year.


Add your submissions in the comments.


Well done, lady, well done.

It could work for ANY GENDER-

Flea males and Fleamales.


45 Comments on Update: New Word For Progressive Women That We Should Add To Our Lexicon

  1. My old comparative vertebrate anatomy professor used to call men “2-holers” and women “3-holers” and he would call women that in class all the time and the women used to just laugh and poke fun right back at him, boy those were the days.

  2. If I count up all the holes, I get 8 for women and 7 for men. The belly button is a shallow hole and thus may be counted as a half-hole. Thus, women have 8 1/2 and men have 7 1/2 holes. Unless the belly button is convex, in which case it sadly can’t be counted as a hole, and its back to women with 8 and men with 7. Adam and Eve were exceptions; supposedly neither had a belly button. I did not consider eye sockets, which leave a hole if the eye is plucked out. There are also pores of the skin and hair follicles, whose number varies from person to person and can’t be included in the calculation, but they are holes, nevertheless. Also, if a hole is plugged up, is it still a hole? This is a burning question. So, you see, the answer is not a simple two holes for males and three holes for women. More complex.

  3. Twattenfuehrer — any leader in the feminist movment

    Ubertwattenfuehrer, Oberst-twattenfuehrer — Very high ranking feminist leader

  4. Ummm, what’s wrong with good old fashioned Fucking Cunts????
    Asking for all red blooded American Males that still have their balls.

  5. Phlegminist = Stuffy (self righteous) feminist.
    PS – This is a bigger insult that it might appear. I’m an ICU nurse and respiratory secretions are my least favorite body fluid. Which is why I never could stand Carl Rove. I always imagined that if he were a patient he would require constant suctioning and I would be gagging throughout my whole shift. 🤢

  6. libbints, progunts, libbitches, socialassts, screechertwats, hystericunts, rugrangers, ballsmashers…

  7. Joe Long over at American Greatness blog coined a term I thought was brilliant: “Trans-Right” Meaning a pol or pundit like Romney who insists they are conservative, even “severely conservative”, but ends up championing the Left; someone who gives the Left ammunition to say that not everyone on the Right agrees with POTUS Trump’s policies. Bill Kristol, McCain, and their ilk. Harder hitting than RINO.

  8. This one isn’t original it’s already in the urban dictionary, but why not, it frequently fits.

    Bunny Boiler(s) – “slang. a person, esp a woman, who is considered to be emotionally unstable and likely to be dangerously vengeful.
    Word origin of ‘bunny boiler’: from the 1987 film Fatal Attraction, in which a female character boils a pet rabbit to terrorize the family of the lover who spurns her.”

  9. Genderflection

    A look back at Your past life as another sex.

    Or the defense of of Tranny’s through diversion.

  10. …honestly, given the amount of hatred, stupidity, Godlessness, destructiveness, lothesomeness, and general spreading of infections of both body and mind that they have inflected an unhappy world with for as many years as they have been suffered to exist, is there any WORSE thing you can call a person than…

    A Democrat?

    …think of ALL the evil that ONE word embodies. What worse thing IS there? Satan, I suppose, but after all they DO work for him, too, so the only REAL difference between them is how long an individual Democrat can live compared to the Devil…

  11. Tauntology – The study of how long a meme telling the truth about Democrats can stay on a liberal Web site (e.g. Facebook) before eliciting a response and how strong that response is, ranging from demands for its removal to banning the offender to direct death threats, all used as data points to refine your tactics to cause MORE ‘splodey heads on OTHER sites later on….


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