New Word For Progressive Women That We Should Add To Our Lexicon

Well done, lady, well done.

It could work for ANY GENDER-

Flea males and Fleamales.


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  1. My old comparative vertebrate anatomy professor used to call men “2-holers” and women “3-holers” and he would call women that in class all the time and the women used to just laugh and poke fun right back at him, boy those were the days.

  2. If I count up all the holes, I get 8 for women and 7 for men. The belly button is a shallow hole and thus may be counted as a half-hole. Thus, women have 8 1/2 and men have 7 1/2 holes. Unless the belly button is convex, in which case it sadly can’t be counted as a hole, and its back to women with 8 and men with 7. Adam and Eve were exceptions; supposedly neither had a belly button. I did not consider eye sockets, which leave a hole if the eye is plucked out. There are also pores of the skin and hair follicles, whose number varies from person to person and can’t be included in the calculation, but they are holes, nevertheless. Also, if a hole is plugged up, is it still a hole? This is a burning question. So, you see, the answer is not a simple two holes for males and three holes for women. More complex.

  3. Twattenfuehrer — any leader in the feminist movment

    Ubertwattenfuehrer, Oberst-twattenfuehrer — Very high ranking feminist leader

  4. Ummm, what’s wrong with good old fashioned Fucking Cunts????
    Asking for all red blooded American Males that still have their balls.


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