New World Order Must Go

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  1. The Bush/Obama/Rove UNIPARTY has been around for decades! As this vid clearly shows! GWB has been fawning over Obama for years. He embarrassed conservatives yesterday with his continued fawning over O! For GWB to claim to be Republican is so outlandish, or would have been 30 years ago, that it would not be repeated over + over by the Press!

  2. The New World Order is the Old World Order; a two class society, the masters and the serfs. It means bleeding the middle class to extinction.

    Note the Fed’s real concern is that wages are rising faster than prices. How dare the middle class accimulate wealth?

  3. 1:49 the pattern on the green background is horizontal, the lines in the book curve towards the binding; but the background should follow the lines in the book, therefore the background is not original to the Certificate of Live Birth. Clear to see so has always needed explanation.

  4. Was trying hard not to pay attention to the hypocritical worship of a dead man while getting the oil changed yesterday yesterday. Gotta remember to bring earplugs with me next time, no telling what the TV will be set to and the volume is always jacked up.

  5. Had to stop watching after the snakes. I’ve always called it Godless Global Government, GGG, which looks an awful lot like (I would write the actual numbers but they creep me out) the number after 5, the number after 5, the number after 5.

  6. I felt sorry for President and Mrs. Trump having to rub shoulders with those four scumbags. Just look at hateful Killary.
    Once Republican Presidents die they become “good” in the eyes of the media. What fakes!

  7. Eat this rock and suck my Honduras!

    Go goggle the words New World Order, goggle makes it perfectly clear, along with wikileakia that the NWO is a conspiracy theory.

  8. All the phony fawning over a POTUS who brought us Bill Clinton and had funky socks.
    Sad when someone loses a family member but that was ridiculous. Those of us who live in Maine and Texas had to endure entire days of GHW Bush.
    I saw about 5 minutes in the break room at work. Obama had his nose in the air as usual, Shelly had her standard resting bitch face and the Clintons spent the entire time whispering while the Carters could barely hold their heads up.
    It was extremely gracious of Melania to invite the Bush family to see the WH.
    I watched videos instead and read my book.

  9. @ Bob:”OK… I clicked for the hot chick, looking for a piece of the bull. NOW I’m disappointed. ”

    That wasn’t a bull, it was a cow with horns.

  10. “A good place to start discovery is an audit of the Fed and allowing a public entry and audit of Ft. Knox to see what is or isn’t there.”
    Right? It could be a pool noodle and 4 pack of starbucks fraps for all we know. lol.

  11. It NEVER will go, it was foretold in the Bible beginning in the time of Daniel in the OT to Revelation of the NT. The Antichrist power is here right now, never in human history has an Antichrist atheist globalist power with the Antichrist cult of Islam as their attack dogs ever controlled the world as they do now. The Antichrist’s main tool will be the imposition of the sickening NT doctrine of pacifism, all must bow, all must submit, all must be silent, all must obey. All others who dare oppose the Antichrist will need to escape to select 3rd world countries and war against the Antichrist powers until Christ returns in vengeance. There is no other option unless you are ok with being a @#@4 disgusting “martyr for Jesus” at the hands of the wicked. @#@$ that, I believe in jesus but I know he is throwing me in hell because i refuse to accept his disgustingly vile commandment of the doctrine of pacifism. I will go through all eternity in hell cursing it to his face, while He of course the hypocrite acts in the totally opposite to pacifist way whenever he chooses to, yet throws me in hell if I dare not obey it. Pff. Whatever.

  12. If NWO meant other nations building themselves up according to the same plan the US has proven successful, I might be onboard.
    But all those other nations want to do is bring US down.

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