New York Attorney General Files Suit Against President And Family Members

Declaring that the president and “his three eldest children” have misused a personal charity, the State Attorney General of New York, Barbara Underwood filed suit today against Donald Trump, daughter Ivanka, and sons Eric and Donald, Jr.

“The lawsuit claims that the charity engaged in illegal political coordination with Trump’s campaign, made multiple self-dealing transactions to benefit Trump personally and his business interests, and violated legal obligations for such nonprofits in New York.” More 

I wonder why Underwood filed the suit today? – (sarc!) Dr. Tar

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  1. These guys aren’t even trying to hide what they’re doing. They’re busy flailing their arms and trying to draw attention away from the IG Report. We don’t even know what’s in the damn thing yet and already they’re flailing away. Rather telling.

    BTW: Have you seen this new NY AG? A troll mated with a toad and produced this woman.

  2. Dianny as soon as I saw the picture of him/her/it…whatever it is TOAD was the first thing that came to mind!

  3. It’s about time. The only purpose of a New York foundation should be to siphon money from foreign governments to the founders’ pockets while promising to “help” some charity. Trump can’t do the required influence peddling if his foundation is actually giving money to other non-profits and charitable organizations.

    Of course I’m interpreting New York’s laws in light of the Clinton Foundation’s actions, so I may be unclear on New York’s actual rules.

  4. She needs to spend more time fighting the REAL crimes going on behind closed doors in the Albany State Capitol. Oh, wait we don’t want to hurt the democrats.

  5. This demoncrap AG has not been paying attention. Attacking Trump has not turned out too well for most. I doubt the results will be any better for Underwood this time. Perhaps this clown is attempting to appear relevant or pad her political resume for future campaigns. Or it is simply a “oh look, squirrel” diversion?
    There are scads of corruption in NYC and Albany she could be addressing. Maybe she’s afraid of committing Clintoncide?

  6. Weaponizing the legal process , such contempt for the Law is a Democrat trademark. Governor Palin will recognize this ploy of using taxpayer money to destroy the finances and use of time of the target…Vile..

  7. Team Clinton orchestrated diversion. A few months ago the New York Times got the scoop on another one of Hillary’s felonies. They sent her a heads up, telling Hillary they could only sit on the story for a week or so then they had to publish. They told Hillary they were giving her time to come up with a defense or create a DIVERSION!

  8. Petty response to NY’s pathetic public housing situation and federal charges regarding such.
    Lefties sure are getting tiresome, with their one-trick dog & pony shows…

  9. I call BS.

    This law suit has been going on for a long time, as law suits go.

    The real question is why, I mean WHY, is this coming out today??

    Oh I know, to coincide with the IG release…maybe???

    They talk about a Trump foundation but not why we have a temp AG to begin with? OR what the ClintonCrimeFamily has done….PATHETIC.



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