New York bagel company ‘Bagel Boss’ pivots business model to ship bagels across the globe


Bagel Boss relaunched their Bagel of the Month Club to retain its employees at the chain’s 12 locations across Long Island, Queens and Manhattan during the coronavirus pandemic. Not only did the pivot save the company from furloughing its roughly 250 employees and closing down its locations, but now bagel enthusiasts across the world are able to get one of New York’s most beloved foods sent straight to their front door.

Andrew Hazen is a sixth-generation bagel and bialy baker who originally launched Bagel of the Month Club seven years ago. While the idea was initially put on the backburner, the coronavirus pandemic prompted the iconic New York eatery to revisit the concept.

“We really didn’t want to start letting people go during COVID-19, we saw what it was doing to New Yorkers and the economy,” said Hazen. “So, we rebooted Bagel of the Month and really swung for the fences to become a national brand, and we literally went from 500 to 2,500 visitors a day [in-store] to nearly 30,000 visitors a day [online], and we’re shipping fresh New York bagels made by fifth- and sixth-generation bagel and bialy makers to all 50 states.” read more

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  1. For a brief period while in my mid 20’s Sunday mornings were bagels with lox and cream cheese, Korbel Mimosas, the Atlanta Journal with my girlfriend, in the bed. For a very short time, time stood still.

    Everyone needs memories like that

  2. With everything…I want to be ‘inclusive’ ova here-ra.

    And with MORE than a schmere of cream cheese…

    Oh, tip for you all iTOWr’s, NEVER eat a bagel that has not been boiled first! You will know this because of the shiny coating that is produced…

    (but what If I prefer bialys instead?)

    Ghost (of NY)


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