New York City Burglaries Up 75%

I thought they were ordered to stay at home?

Newsmax: New York City saw a 75% rise in burglaries at businesses during the second half of March as the coronavirus pandemic forced businesses to close and people stayed at home.

The Wall Street Journal cited NYPD data that said the rise in burglaries occurred from March 12, the day Mayor Bill de Blasio declared a state of emergency because of the COVID-19 crisis, through the end of the month.

There were 254 burglaries at commercial locations reported to the NYPD during that period; there were 145 burglaries during the same timeframe in 2019. read more

14 Comments on New York City Burglaries Up 75%

  1. Coronavirus, huh?

    Not announcing that they eliminated cash bail and are releasing people from jail to alleviate overcrowding.

    Very interest theory.

  2. Cuomo: I told those burglars to stop burgling for a couple of weeks…I said, give us a couple weeks, and after that it’s OK…I even pulled cops off the beat to ease up on them a bit…I gave them my heart but they wanted my soul…well, no more Mr. Nice Guy….any burglars caught over the next 2 weeks will receive a personal tongue lashing from me and a sharp slap on the wrist. NYC is not going to take it anymore, I can promise you that.

  3. I have the solution, have old Wilhelm import a whole crapload of those 3rd century, goat humnping, Shara Law Cops, and put them on the streets. No need to jail somebody who dosn’t have any hands to steal with.

  4. Seattle is reporting a similar increase. I imagine many places are. Home burglaries will also see an increase. You will be hoping you live in an area that allows self defense and protection of your home/castle.

  5. Dear Canada, it’s “China is asshoe”. Typing it without the “l” mocks the stereotypical Asian inability to pronounce the letter “l”. So it’s a double insult.

    Sincerely yours, AMERICA, F*CK YEAH!!

  6. Some old bag on FB was running her fingers on a conservative site about a city now ruling that you can’t leave your house without a cloth mask, even to walk down the sidewalk or ride a bike. She I guess lives in that town and said anyone not doing it she would be giving hell to just like she does everyone who doesn’t remain 6 feet from her.
    When people started telling her that some give back and she was going to find herself worse off than catching the chinese virus, she turned all snowflake that she was being threatened. She also took offense to people telling her if she was so damn scared to keep her old bag self at home, how dare people try to tell her she couldn’t go to the store, she had just as much right as anyone else.

    I’m trying my best to not wish for starvation or the chinese virus on many of these people.

  7. New Yorkers would probably be wise to get concealed carry permits, or at least have guns readily available at home to protect against home invading robbers.

  8. The moron mayor of Houston
    told the criminals to “chill” just until
    the virus is over and then they can go back
    to committing crime.

  9. Wait till these thugs start hitting the suburbs…

    They won’t need ventilators. They will arrive at the morgue pre-ventilated.


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