New York City Gripped by Violence on Bloody 4th of July Weekend

New York City was ravaged by gun violence over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, according to multiple reports.

Amid holiday celebrations and a crime wave following protests against police in recent weeks, dozens of people were shot in the city.

According to WNBC-TV, between Friday and Monday, police reported 44 separate shootings with 63 victims. At least 10 victims who died of their injuries were targeted on Sunday alone, with nearly 40 of the weekend’s shootings occurring that day.

Over the same three days in 2019, there were 16 incidents and 21 victims.

WNYW-TV reported two NYPD officers were fired at over the weekend while driving a department cruiser in the Bronx.

A bullet ripped through the car’s windshield on Saturday, injuring one officer with broken glass while the other officer reported a ringing sensation in one of her ears.

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea blamed some of the weekend’s violence on more criminals being free after they were released from jail amid the coronavirus outbreak.

“[T]here is a lot of gang activity, a lot of drug activity. It’s bad people with guns and it doesn’t get any simpler than that. We get people settling scores, we get people spraying a crowd. We had a bullet go through a young child’s bedroom this weekend, but thankfully the girl wasn’t there,” Shea told NY1-TV. MORE HERE

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  1. We all know what the cause is you twatwaffle. The question is when do you people rise up and through De Blasio and Cuomo out of office?

  2. BLM prof at University says 2+2 only = 4 because of western imperialism.

    I wholeheartedly agree.

    If it had not been for western imperialism, the uncivilized would still be calling 2+2 =5.

  3. …one thing I discovered about the 4th yesterday is that the kids evidently aren’t being taught very well, if at all, about it.

    The wife and I went to an Arby’s (I know, but sometimes you HAVE to), placed our order, and went to the window to pay for it. The cashier, a young Black woman, gave us the total of $17.76. The wife and I after the recent holiday weekend in which that number was prominently featured smiled and remarked in passing how neat that total was considering the date.

    Blank look.

    She then decided we were challenging the total, and read back what we ordered and the prices. We stopped her and said no, there’s no problem, it’s just an interesting number to come up after Independence Day.

    Blank look. Blink.

    Made one more attempt to explain so she wouldn’t think we were somehow mocking her.

    Nothing, but shading into hostiliy as she clearly didn’t understand, wasn’t GOING to, and just wanted us to go away.

    And so we did.

    It’s just sad, though, that someone much closer to her high school days than me, just after July 4th, does not understand the sigificance of 1776.

    But I bet she could tell you all about Marcus Garvey, the Nat Turner Rebellion, and how the Egypitians were really Black people that the Greeks stole algebra from, since I’d wager that’s what her school spent their former Declaration time telling her about instead…

    …and we wonder why they don’t respect the law.

    Perhaps it’s because they don’t TEACH them about it any more, other than to say it’s BAD…

  4. “………dozens of people were shot in the city.”

    And others were shot in various parts of their body.

  5. I can’t believe with all that gunfire in NYC someone didn’t put a bullet in that worthless commie’s ass!

  6. how many whites were shot
    how many blacks were shot?
    how many whites shot blacks?
    how many blacks shot whites?
    how many whites shot whites?
    how many blacks shot blacks?
    same for hispanics?

    lets get to the root cause of the violence before we try to resolve it

  7. Disney is a liberal shitshow and New Yorkers complained about the Disneyfication of Times Square.

    First, they voted for nanny state Bloomers. Then they they voted for a full fledged Communist who supported the Sandinistas. They voted for crime, violence, graffiti and corruption. Twice!

    They literally killed thousands of grandmas with Cuomovirus’ pandemic policy. Now they have the absolute balls to tell outsiders to self-quarantine after they spread COViD like herpes at a swingers party.

    Quarantine New York and don’t allow a single one to move anywhere else. They must be made to live with the consequences of their actions.

  8. Give the NYC grandmothers who have had their grandchildren murdered by the scum some firearms training, Glocks, free ammo and a pardon when they use it. They know who the bad guys are.

  9. Chicago, Philadelphia, St. Louis, NY, Baltimore… These cities have so much in common. Dead black people murdered by black people. Black people comprise less than 13% of the US population. 55% of all murders are committed by black people. 87% of those murdered by black people are black people. 36% of all babies murdered by abortion in this country are black babies. BLM is an evil lie perpetrated by evil people believed by 50% of this country. Yet the rest of the country has the problem. The rest of the country is racist. Nayh. No.

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