New York: Justice Democrats is backing a progressive political rookie to oust Eliot Engel

Daily Caller: Justice Democrats is backing a progressive political rookie who launched his campaign to unseat a 30-year Democratic New York congressman this week.

Democratic New York Rep. Eliot Engel, 72, has multiple challengers including Jamaal Bowman, a 43-year-old public middle school founder and principal, reported The Huffington Post Tuesday. Justice Democrats, the group that propelled Ocasio-Cortez to victory in 2018, recruited Bowman.

Bowman’s announcement comes less than a week after Justice Democrats’ first candidate of the 2020 cycle, Jessica Cisneros, announced she is challenging Democratic Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar from the left

But Engel is much closer to the progressive mold than Cuellar. He is a cosponsor of Medicare-for-all and spoke out against the Iraq War in 2007, although he did vote for it in 2002.

The congressman, who is Jewish, also criticized Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar after she slammed “the political influence in this country that says it is okay to push for allegiance to a foreign country,” referring to Israel, in March. However, Engel did not support removing Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee, which he chairs. more here

7 Comments on New York: Justice Democrats is backing a progressive political rookie to oust Eliot Engel

  1. Gin Blossom, no, it will be worse. I will be going from one Rep who will be critical in words against Rep Omar but won’t do anything about it to going to a Rep that will be cheering Rep Omar on to greater heights of antisemitic rhetoric.

  2. Being both Jewish and critical a Muslim (Omar) could be a fatal mistake in today’s Democrat party.

  3. Watching aoc, and looking at Her living conditions, makes Me wonder

    if the Justice Democrats are keeping a good chunk of Her Salary,

    Kind of the Communist way right?

    Basically signing a Contract with the Devil to become famous .

  4. The JD are a Soros funded subversive operation…they managed to get AOC into office and continue to feed her lines to say…she auditioned for the part and is nothing more than a puppet which is how she can continue being the fool. This group managed 26 seat victories in November and has a stated goal of 100% replacement with “their people” in the House and Senate…which makes them very dangerous to America.


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