New York Law: No One Under 17 Can Marry

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A law banning child marriage in New York state is on it’s way to the governor’s desk.

It passed Thursday by the New York state assembly, overturning a law allowing 14-year-old’s to legally wed with parental approval.


SNIP: I’m Patiently waiting for someone to rage against this ‘intolerance’ against muslims.

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  1. Uncle Al–in all the states you listed the legal age is 16 and with parental consent it can be younger. So that makes New York’s law a waste of time and paper.

  2. The problem is most of these ‘marriages’ occur in a mosque officiated by the chief pedophiles called imams. These fake marriages are not registered any where other than in the Pisslamic community. Until the police have the right to break up mosque pedophilia this will continue.

  3. How forward and 21st century of us to disavow such a 3rd world 6th century practice of child brides (btw-how come we never worry about child husbands?).

    Go figure – Americans for blocking devolution of culture. Imagine that.

  4. Frank,
    Sorry to pop your bubble, but NOT Mormons. There are individuals and breakaway cults that do this, but NOT Mormons.
    Clear as mud?

  5. Thought that was expressed with the added word cult but apparently not.
    Live within 20 miles of Jeff’s crew in So Dak so that’s what I was thinking of.
    So hence the word “cult” in my original post.

  6. Guess there’s a drooping Weiner somewhere in New York this morning – and a flaccid Spitzer.

    Clinton and Epstein don’t give a fuck, cuz they ain’t gonna marry em, anyways!

    izlamo delenda est …

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