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New York moves to implement digital driver’s licenses later this year

P M: The New York State commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles, Mark Schroeder, said in a February budget hearing that they were developing mobile driver’s licenses (mDLs) as a possibility to be offered to New Yorker’s later in 2023.

According to Government Technology, a spokesperson for the DMV said that it was too early in the process to talk about where or how” mDLs would be used but that the development phase on the digital form of identification had begun in the state.

The director of identity management for the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, Michael McCaskil, said that since 2012 the AAMVA had been working on projects to rollout mDLs and their efforts led to a 2021 standard specification for the digital IDs that was adopted by the International Organization for Standardization.

Unlike physical licenses, mDLs operate more like an app than a standard form of identification and are not exact replicas of the hard ID. An mDLs user can choose to share certain information on an need-to-know basis at their discretion in certain circumstances.  MORE

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  1. Here’s is your Golden Ticket New York
    Be Free of Tyranny
    Reclaim YOUR Land

  2. What if one is Homeless?
    They get the Mobile ID?
    Or will they still require a Utility Bill?

    You own the Constitutional Right to Travel inter-state
    Without Fees or Taxation on that Right

  3. Kathy Hochul will do ANYTHING
    to make herself

    The Most Liberal of Liberals

    The most


    to satisfy her power based party people

    to be on the NATIONAL TICKET

    regardless of what cost to her state

    She’s going to be on the National Ticket

    Regardless of ANYTHING!

  4. Anybody who doesn’t see instantly that this is spyware is so stupid that they probably wear a mask in the shower.

  5. Lefty N Y AG also trying to get assistance from Secret Service and FBI to arrest and handcuff President Trump. Article in PJ Media.


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