New York Post Calls BS on FOX

Breitbart: The New York Post released an analysis Saturday, which found Fox News had “mispresented” their poll, suggesting a majority of Americans supported impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Fox News released a poll this week which found that 51 percent of registered voters want President Trump impeached and removed from office, while 4 percent want Trump impeached but want him to stay in office, and 40 percent of voters oppose impeachment. The Fox News poll found that supposedly showed a double-digit increase in the number of voters who wanted Trump impeached and removed from office.

However, according to a New York Post analysis, Fox News misrepresented Americans’ alleged support for impeachment.

Braun Research, the pollster firm that conducted the survey, noted that 48 percent of its respondents were Democrats; however, the Post revealed that the “actual breakdown” based on party affiliation is 31 percent Democrat, 29 percent Republican, and 38 percent independent.

The Post noted that, when weighting the poll for party affiliation, would have revealed that only 44.9 percent of Americans, or less than a majority, back impeachment of President Trump. Forty-four percent of Americans oppose impeachment, according to the Post‘s analysis. read more

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  1. There have been 2 far left/progressive “news” stations in America for 20years. the D one most agree is leftist CNN. The R one liberals + progressives say is not leftist -FOX.

    11.5 years ago when the other “news” said RomneyCare was supported by “most” Americans; these 2 leftist “news” said RomneyCare was supported by 90% of Americans. Fox went so far as having Mitt on 17 times a week to tout Romneycare from 2/09 to 5/09. Fox replayed Mitt’s Romenycare pitch 78 times a week! FOx is, and always has been, leftist Bush GOP!

    This “poll” is another anti conservative “poll” fabricted byt the progresive FOX.

  2. I kind of like misleading polls that favor democrats. It make them over confident to the point of making serious errors and pisses the right off at the outlet that created the poll.

    What’s not to like about that from a conservative perspective?

    I know the standard of error was near making this poll meaningless anyway, but I wonder how the account for all the people lying to the pollsters when they call?

  3. Polls are a political tool, not an accurate representation of public thinking, and should be looked at that way.

    There was a time when it wasn’t that way, but that time is long gone.

  4. I remember FOX running polls that had Hillary winning too. LOL.
    Try to find a right leaning commenter on the FOX news website nowadays. You’ll find more on Yahoo news.

  5. From the outside looking in I’d say that whether Fox over-sampled or over-weighted Democrat/Liberal responses is far less important that it would seem that over 40% of Americans have seen the “case” for impeachment and still would vote for his being tossed. That’s the scary thing although to be fair up here in the Great White North the Liberal Party should be last in the polls based on their track record and yet they are still competitive in the coming election. The mind boggles.


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