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New York Town Loses Police, Fire, And Garbage Vehicles Over Unpaid Bills

JesseKellyShow: The mayor of Mount Vernon, New York, declared a state of emergency after the town’s entire fleet of police, fire, and garbage vehicles had to be taken off the road. The vehicles fell into a state of disrepair after the town’s comptroller failed to pay over $500,000 in invoices, Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard said.

“If she paid the bills on time and regularly collected the taxes that she has been elected to do, then we would not have this kind of cash flow problem in the City of Mount Vernon and interruption of services,” she explained.

The issues have been going on for several years, but an inspection on the town’s 14 garbage trucks revealed balding tires, which made them unsafe to operate. They found a host of issues when inspecting the town’s 19 police cars and singe firetruck. more

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  1. “…and singe firetruck…”

    …if your firetruck problem is that it’s singed, thats more of a training issue and maybe think harder about your placement relative to the fire before laying in next time, just sayin’…;)

  2. Has to be something to do with racism and bigotry. Because color and party affiliation have nothing to do with it…?

  3. I snooped around the internet a little and was surprised to discover they’re all black Democrats. (Sorry for the mess— I see sarcasm dripping all over my post.)

  4. No mention of the race of the miscreant(s) or their Party affiliation….
    I guess they’re not Republicans or Caucasians

  5. @BEG – Run by black democrats – that explains it all – corrupt and incompetent. Now we know why the tax revenues haven’t been “collected”

  6. It’s a 1/2 mile from me, just what we need. Actually, the town has some beautiful homes. It’s the administration that is ruining the town and has destroyed it over the years. They keep everyone under their thumb and convince them it’s for their own good.

    Say your prayers everyday!

    God Bless us all!

  7. Sounds like Mayor Hyphen-Hyphen and Nincomptroller Reynolds are throwing each other under the bus. Or did that also get confiscated. Vote better, Mount Vernon.

  8. …there’s a town in OH that’s run by Black Democrats too, that lost its Police and Fire departments because of incompetence and extreme Affirmative Action hiring practices that resulted in them being uninsurable. They got their fire department back but have had to contract with the County Sheriff to this day for police. Lots of Police brutality but YOU never heard about it because it was Black on Black…

  9. How much does the Mayor and board member get paid?
    Is the money gone or just didn’t pay the bills?
    Just more Democrats doing what Democrats do.

    Mount Vernon Mayor Used City Money To Pay Legal Bills, Says Prosecutor

  10. Living no where near them means I leave the screwing up things to white people. Knee-grows would fuck up a sno-cone.

  11. No matter the skin color, they did run out of other peoples money. However black and uneducated probably has a lot to do with it.

  12. From the city overview: Overall, the scenic view is beautiful and there is a family-friendly aura to the town. The city is not the safest and taxes are extremely high.

    Well… where did all that “extremely high” tax revenue go? Hmmmmm???

  13. Hey Mt. Vernon—
    Next time you need emergency services just call Oregon, I know it’s a bit of a drive but this state just loves to give things away, as long as you ain’t white.

  14. It’s not just city officials, America has a black problem.

    The United States is third in murders throughout the world, but if you omit just five Black cities (Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC, St Louis, and New Orleans) from the equation, then the United States is fourth from the bottom.

    If New York City were all White, the murder rate would drop by 91 percent, the robbery rate by 81 percent, and the shootings rate by 97 percent. In an all-White Chicago, murder would decline 90 percent, rape by 81 percent, and robbery by 90 percent.

    We’ve assimilated numerous ethnic groups over the past 200 years. All have flourished. I’m 3rd generation Italian and my grandparents, who couldn’t and never did learn English had to put up with violent discrimination in Philadelphia when they came to America.

    Rather then walk around with chips on their shoulders, they worked their asses off. All of their children, except my low life father, wouldn’tchanoit, became wealthy success stories.

    Maybe it’s the lower IQ that makes blacks more susceptible to believing the bullshit spouted by their race pimps. Just 50 years ago, blacks had a higher legitimacy rate than whites. WTF happened? Frankly my Give A Fuck Meter can’t get it up anymore. It’s not working and it’s getting worse. I won’t live anywhere near them. I wouldn’t use a business owned by a black.

    It’s a shame TPTB are using race to inflame this country but it’s working.

  15. jellybean JULY 18, 2021 AT 1:50 PM
    “Hey Mt. Vernon—
    Next time you need emergency services just call Oregon, I know it’s a bit of a drive but this state just loves to give things away, as long as you ain’t white.”

    …welp, per the story..
    “They promised residents that if they called 911, somebody would respond but noted the response time may be longer than usual.”

    …and they didn’t say how MUCH longer, so waiting for a response from Oregon is still legit, “from a certain point of view”…

  16. My guess is that the money disappeared into some pockets.
    That’s pretty much the Demonrat modus operandi.
    Socialists, National Socialists, Fascists, Communists, Demonrats, Progressives, Social Demonrats, Demonrat Socialists (but I repeat myself), and izlam are ALL systems of theft and oppression. See Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Cuba, Nigeria, Chad, Sudan, Yemen, Aden, Italy, the Emirates, England, South Africa, &c.

    To chalk this up to melanin is missing the whole point.

    izlamo delenda est …

  17. Especially the people they claim to be helping. The dumb-a$$es fail that vote for them fail to care.

  18. …I’m not going to climb on the “all Blacks are dumb and violent and lazy” bandwagon, though. I work with Black folks every day who are some of the hardest working people you’ve ever met, I’ve worked with Black firefighters and policemen, Black mechanics and supervisors, Black waitresses and nurses and doctors, and have friends that I would NEVER call ANY of those things because if they WERE, they wouldn’t be FRIENDS.

    And you’d have to be pretty dumb yourself to call a Thomas Sowell, Clarance Thomas stupid, or Candice Owen lazy, or Walter Williams violent.

    I could list off TONS of White people who are stupid, lazy, and violent very easily too, Antifa members alone more than fitting the bill, and that’s BEFORE you get to Democrats all the way up to the Pedophile. So being White CERTAINLY doesn’t make you a good person, any more than being Black makes you a BAD one.

    People are people.

    But many of THESE people have been trained to think and act as a group, mostly by Democrats, that they can never get ANYWHERE because, Whitey. Given what we know of schools as indoctrination centers, it’s little wonder they inculcate this message from an early age. As PJ O’Rourke once put it, “Even a band of angels can turn ugly and start looting if enough angels are unemployed and hanging around the Pearly Gates convinced that all the succubi own all the liquor stores in Heaven.”

    …well, Democrats have spent GENERATIONS teaching Black people the succubi own the liquor stores.

    …I do use caution around large groups of Black people and recently left my old neighborhood because it had been taken over by people deliberately bussed up from the Projects, but that doesn’t mean that all of them, or even a majority, are flawed any more than White people are, it’s just the political realities of our current era make it impossible for me to legally defend myself against those that WOULD attack me an mine for our race, so it’s foolish to try to fight in a burning house…but that doesn’t mean I don’t still break bread with, worship with, and work with Black people every day.

    Many Black people paint all White people with a broad brush and say we’re all racist and evil, although most of us are not.

    We should avoid doing the same, is all I’m saying.

  19. @Tim July 18, 2021 at 2:17 pm
    ?…To chalk this up to melanin is missing the whole point…”

    The statistics of black run countries, and cities here in the states, disagree with your conclusion. Name ONE black run country or city that is is prosperous and relatively free of crime. On the other hand, name ten – or more – Western civilizations that are (or were before the great reset movement) prosperous and relatively free of crime.

    The evidence overwhelmingly points to melanin.

  20. Before someone takes umbrage with my comment, let me qualify it by saying that there are ALWAYS exceptions to the rule. I DO NOT paint with a broad brush, but facts are facts. It’s those exceptions that need to change the “rule”.

  21. Negro-run countries and negro-run cities here in the US have two common denominators – melanin AND socialism. The question is: are there any non-negro countries and cities run to shit? What are they’re politics? They are universally kleptocracies based in some measure on the socialist lie.
    Indonesia? Italy? Yemen?
    I haven’t done any thorough research, but, off hand, it appears that politics is more the cause than melanin – if you have research suggesting otherwise I’d be glad to read it.

    izlamo delenda est …

  22. “their” not “they’re”

    sheesh – no, not spell check – just a dumb fuck typing.

    izlamo delenda est …

  23. “…it appears that politics is more the cause than melanin…”

    Of course politics has EVERYTHING to with the cause. When I say melanine is a major factor, I mean that black run countries and cities are almost exclusively socialist/communist/totalitarian/dictatorial/tyrannical – you name your poison – they follow that model more than western countries, and specifically here in the States, RED States.

  24. By the time everyone skims their share by defrauding the city, there’s just not enough money left to provide services to citizens. It’s not rocket surgery.

  25. Affirmative action mayor. What do you expect?

    Then again, Di Blasio and Garcetti and Pete Butthead couldn’t be whiter.

  26. Thank you, Brad and 99, and I don’t want to wear it out (although I always do), but (not directed at you, but rather to White people in general), here’s the thing that I don’t understand why there is this problem, why some people keep ending up here, unless everyone’s life experience is VERY different than mine.

    You see, “Black People” are not a mere concept to me. Not a theory. Not a lumpen mass.

    They are individuals who I know as people.

    …there’s my friend Mike. Mike worked with me for 20 odd years before retiring, mostly because of a heart attack. The Lord put me in his way when he arrived at work with chest pains, diaphoretic, not great pulses, poor cap refill, etc., because he had 2 arteries with significant blockages. He knew my background so he texted me when he got there, and I saw him through and prayed him through till the ambulance arrived, and he had sucessful surgery and is now living happily in the home he bought from his hard work with his wife of 2 decades, and occasional visits from his college kid daughters. Mike grew up in the projects and WORKED his way out of him, he was my right hand for the longest and anything I asked him to do, got DONE, and done WELL. Doesn’t fit the stereotype, does it?

    …He was luckier than Samba. Samba was a Ghanese national who legally emigrated here many years ago, and was a force of nature in making his line run, whatever line you gave him. He was very dedicated, maybe too much so, he died in a car wreck he had when he had a heart attack on his way to work that resulted in him wrecking his car, but he was dead before the parts fell back down anyway. He was feeling bad according to his passenger, but he was determined to go marshal his line one more time. He never made it that day, but he literally died trying.

    …and there’s my brother in Christ, Carter. Brother C was in the church the day I came to the Lord, he sang absolutely inspired songs, was an ambassador to the entire neighborhood, and the Lord was alive in him and everyone who knew him could see Jesus through him. He was praying me through in my pew as I sat, lost and alone and steeped in sin and wondering why I was even there, when the Lord came through the hands Brother C laid on me and sent me fleeing to the alter. Brother C died a few years ago, liver cancer, and even in hospice he kept his praise. I was a pallbearer at his funeral at his wife’s request, I loved the man and will never forget him or how he showed me the Lord. He didn’t have a nice life either, but he wasn’t down there selling drugs, he was selling the Lord.

    …and there’s Savannah. She came with the building. She’s a sanitor, a thankless task that involves cleaning food poop off industrial machinery on a rigid time schedule to Government standards using chemicals that can melt your face of for not enough pay. She’s been doing it tirelessly for years, and still has a smile for me when I come in at the start of the day, as she does for everyone. She’s one of those folks that lets nothing darken her heart and makes you happy just because she’s so happy, even though she didn’t have an easy life either and one of her sons (who used to be an operator, and an OK one) got arrested as the wheelman in a bank robbery that she cried and prayed for, but didn’t blame anyone BUT him, none of that “BURN THIS BITCH DOWN!” or otherwise blaming Whitey or cops or whoever for HER, she knew he did wrong and prayed for him, but didn’t turn it into a Rodney King riot because, well, he was GUILTY and she accepted that.

    …Look, it’s Alonzo. He was a fire lieutenant when I was in, and a real good one, too. He trained me to the point where I could actually be useful and not a bumbling idiot ALL the time, mentored me, and was a leader in every sense of the word, even defending his department and its members against a false charge of racism brought by a church pastor with a racial chip on his shoulder who misunderstood a partly heard fireground communication. Al also was a first responder for squad and fire, and many was the night he was there, saving lives or sizing up a situation WELL before the rest of the Company even had their boots on. You couldn’t find a braver or more dutiful man anywhere, and I was blessed to have him there for me, and the community was blessed that he was there for them.

    …I could go on about Charles who’s getting his CNA now, or Ibrahima who works his butt off to get the always-short manpower to where we can keep the lines running, or Liz who has to work through my abominable handwriting to be able to understand and countersign instrumentation documentation that has to be submitted to regultory agencies, or the young woman who bought my house and turned out to be the daughter of another man I worked with, and many, MANY more. All Black, NONE of which are lazy, violent, or apparently hate me for my race, but this – as usual – is just too long and there’s too many.

    Make no mistake, there ARE very violent, very dangerous Black people. There ARE neighborhoods it isn’t wise to go into with your White face hanging out. You use wisdom and discernment, because there ARE truly evil people in this world. Yes, there ARE politicans, scads and hordes of them, who are lazy, incompetent, thievy, and destroy cities, even countries, and whip up hatred of White people to cover their tracks. All of that exists and is an existential threat to our Nation and a genocidal threat at its logical conclusion to ALL White people.

    But that’s not ALL Black people.

    Not by a LONG shot.

    …at the end of the day, Black people are not a concept, not a monolith, not a faceless, slavering group of “other” come with their machetes and sideways pistols to hunt our sons and rape our daughters while looting our cities and burning our homes.

    They are NOT “they”, “they” are people. Some good, some bad, ALL created by the Lord, and all have the capability of the Lord’s grace and the Lord’s salvation, and whatever talents and abilites the Lord chose to bestow on them.

    Democrats are destroyers and dividers. Democrats it is who have taught generations of Black people to hate Whites for their own political gain. Democrats it is who use propaganda to grow fangs on White people, and teach Black people that everything they lack is because Whitey denies it to them. If you need to hate a truly dangerous group, that’s the target, those who fan the flames of hatred soley to arrogate power and weath to themselves. THOSE are people who are despicable by their ACTIONS, NOT their appearance.

    But, my fellow White people, don’t discount Black people because, Black.

    Becasue you’re missing out on a LOT of really good people if you DO.

  27. SNS, you are awesome. Thanks again. Wonderful analysis @
    JULY 19, 2021 AT 7:41 AM
    God created individuals who will be accountable for their actions.


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