New York woman Allegedly Tries To Poison Husband With Antifreeze Gets Caught By 4-Year-Old Son


A New York woman allegedly attempted to poison her estranged husband by spiking his drinks with antifreeze and their son told a third party about the attempt.

Long Island resident Renee Burke was charged Thursday with attempted murder, assault, burglary and endangering the welfare of a child, 6abc Action News reported Saturday. A grand jury indicted Burke, 40, for her alleged crimes, according to ABC.

Burke attempted to poison her husband, Matthew Burke, by putting antifreeze in his beverages on a number of occasions, according to prosecutors.

Antifreeze is an ethylene glycol liquid-based substance that can be added to water to lower the freezing temperature. It is often used to regulate engine temperatures in vehicles. Ingesting the substance can cause life-threatening complications, according to Healthline, a website that covers a full spectrum of medicine and offers expert medical advice.

Renee Burke first attempted to poison her husband on Sept. 6, 2018, according to prosecutors, ABC reported. After Matthew Burke noticed his wine contained a chemical taste, their 4-year-old son disclosed to his babysitter that his mom “had put something in daddy’s drink,” prosecutors allege, according to ABC.


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  1. Ethylene glycol forms little crystal needles in the filter membranes of the kidneys, puncturing them, and rendering them useless… It’s a shitty way to die. 🙁

  2. 1 oZ. In a shot glass is death.
    there is no treatment & no antidote.
    The doctors and nurses just watch you die!

  3. Amazing. Two guys, a father and a son (and possibly another son) killed themselves by drinking anti-freeze. It happened back in the 1920’s and the two (or three) guys worked in the film industry in some capacity. It was said they went through the agonies of a thousand hells before they died. Whatta way to go.

  4. Alcohol is an antidote for antifreeze poisoning. Putting antifreeze in the husband’s wine to poison him might not be the best way to go about it.

  5. Just another example of Darwin trying to cleanse the gene pool. What kind of a dumbass accepts food or drink from and “estranged wife”? Bitches be crazy.

  6. I believe this is where the term “Slipping someone a Mickey”

    comes from.

    Back during the Depression You could take out a Life Insurance Policy

    on a Stranger…Then slip Him Anti-Freeze on His Drink…Then

    collect the dough.


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