New Yorker Cover Depicts Trump as the Driving Force Behind the KKK

As an illustrator, this is a marvelous bit of conceptual illustration.

As a comment on reality, it is a marvelous bit of fantasy.

21 Comments on New Yorker Cover Depicts Trump as the Driving Force Behind the KKK

  1. President Trump has stirred a hornets nest in the corrupt institutions of government. The criminals insinuated deeply in power have funneled money to the organizations of thugs to create maximum unrest. If your taking heavy flak, your over the target.

  2. The cover of the Economist is currently running a similar image. It’s blood red and Trump is blowing through a bull horn which white bullhorn which looks like a klan hood.

  3. This Was a Concerted Effort , I’m Still Yet To See One Reporter Who’s Not Seemingly Thrilled The Skinhead Got One !
    Anyone Blaming Trump For This is Suspect in My Book !!!

  4. a prime example of why printed media is in a death spiral. Media moguls have forgotten that to succeed they are required to entertain and educate, not to denigrate.

  5. Decades ago, as soon as a Republican got into office,
    *unexpectedly* THE HOMELESS became a CRISIS!
    Then, as soon as another Republican got into office,
    *unexpectedly* THE JOBLESS became a CRISIS!

    The Dems/Media (but I repeat myself) NEED a “crisis”…
    …even if they’re to blame for it.

  6. That’s why I say ten bucks a month for us would be nothing in the grand scheme of the costs out there, and it would mean everything in the world to a site like ours.

  7. I guess Bravo doesn’t rerun celebrity poker games. So, for the snowflakes, “You only get one ‘All in’.” Everyone not carrying Saint Hillary of the Blessed Boilersuit’s leaky it Depends… I mean water… to put out the latest gender fluid dumpster fire, is a Nazi Ku Klux Klan supporter? Alrighty then. Card carrying Nazis and hood wearing Klansmen, you’re on our side. Not because we invited you, but because our Professional Betters decide where to move the red line. Now, Xirs, are there any more people you’d like to place on the other side of Good™ people? Or can we get this game over with?

  8. unite the right had a legal assembly.

    antifa were the criminal perpetrators and it was all their fault.
    every bit of it.

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