New Yorker Hit Piece On Roy Moore Falls Apart Upon Closer Inspection

It sounded pretty damning – Roy Moore was banned from an entire mall in the 80s because he went there to pick up high school girls.

The execrable Daily Mail restated the New Yorker piece in a way that made it sound like they had witnesses and people on the record, including the police, that told the ironclad tale of Moore’s escapades that led to his banning from the Gadsden mall in Alabama.

Uhhhh, no.

When you go to the New Yorker there is no one on the record that knows of any mall ban. It was mainly people repeating hearsay from some other source. The writer of the piece, who looks like he might have done some creepy cruising himself, never quite gets anyone on record for his bombshell piece.

A mall employee told the writer that the mall security guard, an ex-police officer named J.D. Thomas, told him to be on the lookout for Roy Moore because he was banned. When called on the phone Thomas said he had no idea what they were talking about. He knew of no ban.

Current day police officers know of no Roy Moore ban, except for a few of the “unnamed police officers” who say they heard about it. Uh huh.

The piece is long on rumor, short on anything on the record.

And the New Yorker has the nerve to have this popover show up while the page is idle –

21 Comments on New Yorker Hit Piece On Roy Moore Falls Apart Upon Closer Inspection

  1. once it’s out in the public domain it’s considered truth no matter how many retractions are made.

    these swamp critters are not going to go away peacefully.
    they will pull out all stops to remain in power.
    what other alternative do they really have?
    once out of power they are subject to the same rules the rest of us peons are.

  2. Are they going to do this for an entire month? It’s pathetic!

    Yes. Let ’em. If this had come out ten days before the election, it would have had the optimum effect. But now the smear machine will have to keep itself going beyond the duration of public interest.

    It’s a wonderful thing to see a smear machine so eager to get going that it starts too soon, runs too hard, and completely breaks down before it reaches the finish line.

  3. Moore has been removed from office twice by the RINO’s. His whole career has been a lighting rod. They’ve thrown everything they have at him. But this is the first time “pervert” allegations have ever come up. Alabama see right through this.

  4. I think you’re all misunderstanding the purpose of this article. The New Yorker piece was invented to be a “How To” guide for the gamma NYC males.

  5. Is there a rumor about a rumor about Mitch and some 16 year old hillbilly girls in a hot tub? And Lyin Ryan serving the alcohol? Just asking I don’t know.

  6. They’re just piling the stupid on top of the ridiculous now. I’m not worried about the voters of Alabama. I am worried about the corrupt party Uniparty hacks and their maneuvering based on hearsay and false witness.

  7. I agree with Thirdwin. I think this exposes more about the swamp and the depths they are willing to sink to. I am sure they would throw an election rather than lose their perks.

  8. I predicted when the first 4 accusers (including one professional Lefty activist and one sad skid row drug abuser) fell flat, the Uniparty would have to up the stakes. They’d have to fabricate an actual criminal “rape-rape”, complete with blood, injuries, wounds etc.
    If #5 is the best they can invent, I think Moore will be OK. The “incident” reads like a lonely nobody who’s read too many Harlequin bodice rippers. Putting her onstage with the universally despised lying sack Allred– fresh off her debacle with Kathy Griffin and client Weinstein– shows how clueless they are.

    Now I predict they will have to find some black woman who just yesterday managed to saw through her chains and escape Moore’s secret basement cellar dungeon, where she has been held captive and tortured and forced to have sex with Moore and Bannon and Mattis and Hannity for the last 12 years.
    Cannibalism, too. They need to find someone who has escaped Moore’s secret alt-right Cannibal ring.

    If I were an Alabama voter I’d be beyond disgusted with the Uniparty. Gloria Allred is the last straw. I hope Moore wins in a landslide.

    And if/when Moore is elected all these arcane procedural threats to void the election will evaporate. Remember how Dems fantasized the Electoral College was going to somehow #RESIST and refuse to certify DT as POTUS? Yes, like that.

  9. Roy Moore has been in ever increasing positions of public service for many years in Alabama…….

    and now that he has defeated the GOPe candidate and is pretty much assured to be elected as a Trump45 type of US Senator…..

    these aalligations come out and are viewed as the gospel by the media…..?????

    Shenanigans……..Something stinks in this mess and I don’t think it’s Roy Moore.

  10. It would now appear that there is a new political standard for politicians! Accusations are now truth so accuse away, especially if you hate the politician!

  11. I really want to see Roy Moore stick this up mcconnell’s ass. And if the dirtbag menendez gets off, mcconnell will not be able to craft a logical argument.

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