New: You don’t need to wear a mask outside except when you need to

Breaking: Joe Biden will now allow you to do what you been doing all year.

il Donaldo Trumpo

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  1. Also, people pouring across our border are not being tested and dems don’t care. That should clear up any doubts you should have about whether or not they really think the wuhan virus is a serious threat.

  2. Yeah but if we’re not good he still might cancel the 4th of July. lol

    (so we can’t celebrate it like we did last year or like President Trump did last year at Mount Rushmore)

  3. Just so you know:

    Canuckistan is NOT taking the same approach. They currently say “you will still need to wear masks for some time to come…”

    Currently can’t have more than 5 people outside in the sun. etc.

    They love the lockdown up here eh!

  4. He basically said when there’s no one around to see you a mask isn’t needed, but when people can see you the mask is required.

    Right, Potato Joe, so again the vaccine doesn’t mean anything. The virtue signalling fashionware means everything.

    This conditioning is going to be easy to swap in a yellow star. No coincidence a race war has been forced at the same time, no not at all.

  5. When he lowers his shoulders and leans on the podium and repeats himself, like he’s talking to a child, it’s so condescending. That doesn’t even work on his drug-addled children, why would he do that to the public?

  6. MJA – I thot he wuz a sniffer.
    Woid is he’s getting together with Gwenith Paltrow to make the DICKtator candle.
    (wait ’till you see this one… waiting for Earl!)
    Sniff this!

  7. Dementia Joe. What are his handlers going to do with this wreckage when the “pandemic” fades away, and there won’t be any excuse for hiding him? Bad as this catastrophe is now, just wait for the Klamitous Kackler. No thanks to the Supremely Gutless Court.

  8. Anyone wearing masks outdoors is a stupid sheep.
    General Mills echoed Pedo Joe yesterday.
    Maybe now the brainwashed high school kids who walk down my street will not have the muzzles on.
    Most of us have never worn masks outdoors.
    This is theater.
    Like him saying fed contractors have be paid at least $15 per hr.
    Most are already paid much more.

  9. A few years after the Swine Flu in 1976 vaccine disaster 60 minutes did a must watch segment. I suspect the same thing will happen here in a few years. Be it the harm the masks have done, the vaccines, the lockdowns – the media will only report on it years later after the ‘crisis’ and enough time so everyone involved can just say they don’t know who approved this or that.

  10. New CDC guidelines today:
    Wear a mask.
    Don’t wear a mask.
    If you wear a mask, don’t.
    If you don’t wear a mask, wear a mask.

    I’m so glad they cleared this up, I was getting so confused…

  11. The question I have is thus, do these vaccines work or not? If they do, there is no reason to wear a mask anywhere, anytime. Yet, there are lemmings everywhere who continue to wear a mask fully vaccinated. I can only imagine the people pulling the strings amazed at how easy it was to get people to throw their lives away by scaring the shit out of them everyday. Now that they have had a taste of near absolute power, does anyone honestly think that they will give it up willingly? Rhetorical question.


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