New Zealand Gives Itself 20 Years To Become “Carbon Neutral”

Chicago Tribune

New Zealand lawmakers on Thursday joined forces across the aisle to pass a bill aimed at combating climate change.

The Zero Carbon bill aims to make New Zealand reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to the point the country becomes mostly carbon neutral by 2050. It gives some leeway to farmers, however, who bring in much of the country’s foreign income.

The bill was spearheaded by the liberal government but in the end was supported by the main conservative opposition party, which nevertheless promised changes if it wins the next election. More

SNIP: One of the idiots who will have to live with the consequences of passing this new law is gen-Z  Chlöe Swarbrick, A Green and member of New Zealand’s Parliament. Swarbrick is being remembered for dismissing the opposition of older members by uttering the phrase, “OK, Boomer” during her climate change speech to parliament. Here 

17 Comments on New Zealand Gives Itself 20 Years To Become “Carbon Neutral”

  1. I guess we can assume that celebs like Peter Jackson and Russell Crowe won’t be flying their airplanes to work, but rather taking the trains

  2. 2050 sounds more like 30 years than it does 20 years. But I haven’t been reeducated yet so someone slap me for talking out of turn.

  3. 30 years just seemed too far fetched. I mean who passes legislation that most of the politicians won’t live to experience for themselves.

    But serious, dumb mistake on my part (and I’m just barely a boomer).

  4. Go right ahead, chumps.
    Live wrapped in a sheepskin to keep warm and
    get around walking and on sailboats when the
    wind blows from the right direction.
    When the Grand Solar Minimum peaks you will
    find yourselves begging for that imaginary
    AGW you so want to be real.

  5. They’re not trying very hard are they? It can mostly be done in less than 30 minutes.

    Flip the big switch on the electric breaker box down & leave it there. Stop driving your personal vehicles, or riding on the mass transit system vehicles.

    iow permanently shut done the use of all electric power plants and all powered vehicles. It’s pretty easy and quick to jump back to an early 19th century carbon foot print. If you really want to. But living is not so easy afterwards.

  6. to be ‘carbon-neutral’ doesn’t one have to balance out the carbon-based life forms?

    … will they ask for volunteers first, or just go straight for the cattle-car lottery approach? … ‘Step up! Step up!’
    (of course, those in government are exempted; they’re ‘necessary’)

  7. Guess they’ll be taking the Occasional-Cortex Memorial Trans-Pacific Solar Bus lines to anywhere ELSE in the world, huh? 🙄


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