New Zealand’s Gun Confiscation Shaping Up To Be Massive Failure

Bearing Arms: New Zealand’s gun grab, instituted in the wake of the Christchurch massacre, isn’t going so great. In fact, with less than two months to go before the government-imposed deadline, fewer than 20% of the estimated number of banned firearms have been handed over.

New Zealand Police Minister Stuart Nash announced this week that more than 32,000 prohibited weapons have been returned to the government since collections began in mid-July. Some estimates put the number of newly-banned military-style semi-automatic rifles in the country at up to 175,000.

This would suggest a compliance rate, so far, as low as 18 percent, 16 weeks into the buyback program. With seven weeks left to go until the amnesty period ends, if the current rate of return holds, the New Zealand government is on track to collect around 50,000 prohibited weapons pursuant to the buyback. That would impute a final compliance rate of around 29 percent, at the lower end, which would represent a modest but tangible success for policymakers.

A “modest but tangible success”? I think it’s more like a complete failure. Let’s say when the deadline passes less than one third of the banned firearms have been turned in. What exactly has been accomplished, other than the compensated confiscation of a few thousand firearms and the criminalization of tens of thousands of otherwise law-abiding citizens? keep reading

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  1. Yeah, those are the ones who bought it, maybe took it to the firing range a couple of times, don’t even think about it as home security. They’re just getting their money back for a purchase they changed their minds about. The lefty loonies never bought any.

  2. I thank God every day for the wisdom of the Founders of this nation, who built a government that had established rights that ‘shall not be infringed’ & had the courage & wisdom to had over the range of power to it’s citizens, instead of those governing.

    how’s that working out today? … particularly that ‘not infringed’ part?

  3. If the NZ govt had as its primary goal the wide-spread weakening of respect for the rule of law they picked a pretty good vehicle. I actually don’t think it was deliberate, but it sure had that effect.

  4. The New Zee’s should be sweating because an
    unprosecuted criminal from the USA wants to
    move there.

  5. I know you can buy a basic AR-15 for as little as $450, or you could spend well over $2000. So what’s the going rate for an AR in their buy-back program, and do you need to bring a receipt?

  6. If you want to start a real shooting war in the United States, just ban guns. That’s all it will take. “Red Flag Laws” are effectively the same thing.

    Go ahead, make my day.

  7. When Adolph Hitler [fake name]. came to power in 1933, one of his first actions was to confiscate all firearms. That did not work out so well for the German people.

  8. Spray paint some pipe black and hand it in. No one will know the difference. Otherwise go for a canoe trip in whitewater. Just a tip, don’t be like the 18% idiots.

  9. The right to bear arms is already gone. The leftards decided that citizens could own firearms ‘unless it’s too dangerous’.

    And pantywaist rinos went along with it.

    Now grade school kids are being taught that a picture of a gun is too dangerous.

    How do you think this new way of interpreting the constitution is going to work out when those kids become adults?

    The constitution is worthless. The self styled elite do whatever they want, constitution or no constitution.

    And mitch mcconell makes a speech about how bad that is. Leads the legislature of one branch of gov’t. And he makes a speech.

    Not going to let trump off either. He tells us he’s “strongly considering labeling antifa a terrorist group”

    Give me a break. JUST DO IT YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!

  10. Up here in the north, when Canada had the long gun registration, there were lots of guns that were “accidentally lost in the lake during” during the hunting season.

    I am still a very law abiding person, but idiotic laws need to be ignored until they are become completely unenforced and unenforceable.

  11. Congrats to our good friends!
    The gungrab failure will not be a full victory for the people until they bring the traitors to justice and set an example the world will never forget. Not ever…

  12. As long as Frodo dies, don’t give a toss how it happens.
    Spoiler: Sam Gamgee was a serial rapist of Keepler people,,,


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