New Zealand’s “Laurel” Hubbard Smashes Women’s Weightlifting Record – IOTW Report

New Zealand’s “Laurel” Hubbard Smashes Women’s Weightlifting Record

Washington Times  A transgender weightlifter has shattered records in international women’s competition for the second time in two outings.


I wonder when those in charge of integrity of women’s sports are going to insists there be a third category of competitors,  just for the gender confused?

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  1. The Russians used to be banned when they tried this shit.
    How is this ever fair?
    They should have a special ‘freak’ or mentally ill section.
    “Now lifting; a mentally ill man who thinks he is a woman”

  2. If we have to live in pretend-land and this is good, can we never again hear about blood-doping and performance enhancing drugs as cheating ever again?

  3. If a woman weightlifter took testosterone she would be disqualified and disgraced.
    A man whose body naturally makes testosterone can somehow claim to be a woman (under certain conditions) and can win the competition and be celebrated.
    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  4. Where does this end? Soon someone is going to dress up a 30 ton crane and call it a woman. I’d be curious to see how that’s handled.

  5. We used to round them up with men in ice cream suits and Twinkie wagons, carrying them someplace safe for everyone. Now we surgically mutilate them, pump them full of chemicals and turn them loose in society. Why?

    To ________ Western civilization.

  6. I looked at the photo in the article.
    Are any of the people on the winner’s podium actually women?

    I remember when looking at a woman, it was obvious.
    I miss those times.

  7. Feminists should be outraged at the invasion of “women’s sports” by men pretending to be women.
    It will be the end of real women’s sports.

  8. I’m so tired of this queer mafia driven bullshit. I think all sporting events should require a DNA test if you MUST compete with your scientifically identified gender!

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