New Zealand’s ongoing self-siege is not at all a COVID-19 ‘Success Story’

The mass Illusion: New Zealand has now taken on the mantle of the model coronavirus response nation, according to the latest prevailing wisdom, following Australia’s implosion as the media and “public health experts’” previous favorite COVID-19 “success story.”

On Sunday, New Zealand marked 100 days without any detected community spread of the novel coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China. The media, government bureaucrats, and politicians worldwide congratulated Wellington for its “success” in keeping its people free (temporarily) from infection. The chattering classes took to social media, discussing how “lucky” New Zealand was to have its apparent capable and wise leadership in their government. more

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  1. New Zealand is a textbook case of how to not respond to a flu virus. They followed the stupid fauxi and brix advice and did them one better. Sweden did it the right way so of course the US legacy media buried it and doesnt report it.

  2. “Like a rich armor worn in the heat of summer. That scalds with safety.” Shakespeare describes New Zealand’s paranoid, self-immolation in
    “Henry II”.

  3. Business took me to Tauranga about 8 years ago. I was never happier to leave a foreign country. Spectacular landscape but the people all wore their ass on their shoulders. They’re like the weird cousin no one speaks of.

  4. Quick question……When the government in NZ decides that it’s best for you to go someplace, will it be in cattle cars or on cattle boats?
    Asking for a friend.

  5. I don’t have any doubt that Covid-19 is a man made virus. I also wouldn’t put it past Fauci and friends to have it aerosolized, to the point it can be carried in a spray can. Any time someone claims they are virus free, they get a new spritzing.
    These are the most diabolical people on the planet.

  6. The CDC is filled with pharmaceutical investors. Fire every clown that is employed by CDC,
    and start over with real doctors instead of Mental Health escapees.
    A. H. Fauci and A. H. Birx’s our only symptoms of a much deeper disease.

  7. New Zealand is deluded: it’s run by a fool, and NZ’s luxury of living off the good graces of the rest of us is over.

    Advice to NZers: take back your country from the feminist dumbasses running it before you become an impoverished island.

  8. Figure this one out. My friend Rob in South Africa says their KGB government has banned beer and cigarettes because of the Chinese virus. No reason given.


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