Newark Sues NYC To Stop Homeless Dumping Program


Newark Mayor Ras Baraka’s administration has sued New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, accusing the fellow Democrat of dumping his city’s population of homeless people on New Jersey’s biggest city.

The lawsuit accuses the de Blasio administration’s Special One-Time Assistance, or SOTA, program of using strong-arm tactics to send people across the Hudson River to find a place to live.

“This case concerns an unlawful program of ‘coerced’ migration,” Newark lawyers say in court documents filed in U.S. District Court in New Jersey on Monday. More

3 Comments on Newark Sues NYC To Stop Homeless Dumping Program

  1. Nothing new. NY has been sending bums to southern CA for decades.
    They load them on Greyhounds with Santa Monica on the headers and off they go.

  2. Internment and evaluation camps. Separate the can’t from the won’t.
    The first get treatment.
    The second get six months picking radishes


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