Newbie Spectators React To Just How Fast Bikers Are Going At Isle of Man TT

200 mph whizzing past you is enough to make  you wonder if you’re out of harm’s way just witnessing it.

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  1. Their helmet colors are probably distorted by that speed!

    “Who just went by?” “How the hell could I know?!”

  2. The guy slowly crawling backwards after the first biker passed was hilarious!

    I think I’ll watch it again.

  3. I have been over 140 on a motorcycle a few times. I don’t really know how fast I went since I stopped glancing at the speedo after I reached that speed. The mixed emotions of adrenaline amplified excitement and fear for long periods are physically and mentally exhausting, but also addictive.
    When you are going that fast what you see a 1/4 mile ahead of you is already past by the time you consciously realize what it was. Everything you do relies on instinct and unconscious reaction.
    Like Commander Cody said:
    “The lines on the road just looked like dots…”
    The Isle of Man is CRAZY! These guys are going that fast on farm roads and through villages that typically have ~30 mph speed limits.

  4. I love racing of all types and The Isle of Man TT is something I wait for all year to watch. I just wish the coverage was a bit more extensive than one hour a night during the TT events.

  5. @ Jethro: My fastest was 110 on a Norton Combat Commando, many years ago, before the newer crotch rockets came out. It was on a twisty canyon highway N of Helena on an August evening. Sights sounds and smells were wonderful! I still think I’d rather have a Bonny or a Norton over today’s more well done bikes. But then, I’m old and still have some tools…

  6. I’m riding a 2017 Honda Africa Twin currently. It’s basically a 1000cc fuel injected, big ass 500lb. dirt bike. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s actually what is known as an adventure bike. Comfy, long suspension, tons of add ons, well balanced and pretty damn quick. It’s not uncommon for me to see triple digits in the 120’s on some wide open country roads.

    That’s plenty fast for me, thank you.

  7. @really enraged

    My fast rides were on Honda 900F and Ducati 900SS bevel drive, Like Mike Hailwood raced at Isle of Man in 1978.

  8. Zonga, pics or it didn’t happen.

    I had a Harley 883 Sportster that due to the local roads I only ventured up to 90, still a kick in the pants.

  9. @Zonga…”While wearing a red bathing suit. With a professional driver”…I’ve driven a bathing suit solo….Who was driving the car?….

  10. @old_oaks: How long have you had that Honda Africa?. Looks like a helluva nice bike – and probably bullet proof..

  11. really enraged, Just over a year. Mine is the 6 speed manual. So far, so good, goes where I want it to go and back.


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