Newly released 302’s are “smoking gun” proof of FBI malfeasance

7 Comments on Newly released 302’s are “smoking gun” proof of FBI malfeasance

  1. This could result in some prime parking spots being re-assigned. Which will probably result in someone suing to get it back.

  2. This ought to be great news for Strzok and McCabe, and really helpful to their lawsuits against the government. Really helpful. Stand tall, boys. Comey’s got your back.

  3. So the FBI is now riddled with law breakers and theirs no official that will take them on. Must be time for the people to rise up and take back control.

  4. I’m reminded of the Chicago PD running story about when Al goes to jail and Hank keeps telling Al; “I got this Al.”.
    Al reminds him of it, as they wheel Al out of prison on, a gurney.
    Comey; “I got this guys.”

  5. All the FBI men the liberal liar GWB appointed/promoted were/are crooks! Naming names: Comey, Mueller.
    These 2 “cleaned house” of any honest agents!


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