Newport News Shipyard employees protest vaccine mandate – IOTW Report

Newport News Shipyard employees protest vaccine mandate

Newport News Shipyard employees protest vaccine mandate.

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  1. If the workers comply, how long will it be before the next mandate comes along?

    I hope these companies find out what it is like with 25% fewer employees. But I guess after the National Guard gets off their nursing shifts at the hospitals and their shifts at ATC centres, they can go build ships.

  2. The whole idea is to crash the system, destroy production, cause hunger, shortages, and panic. You people will be BEGGING us to use all the force we want to end it any way we please when you’re cold and hungry in your dark houses in the winter.

    All according to plan.

    Keep striking, serfs.

    Keep striking.

  3. This thought came to mind, if the (Democrat controlled) government gets away with this, I wonder how long before they try this:

    “Because we are concerned with the safety of our personnel, no employees of the government or government contractors are allowed to own firearms of any kind.”

  4. BTW that Delta Airlines ‘backtrack’ is half-a$$ed, they are charging $200 per month extra for health insurance premium for ‘unvaxed’.
    But overall things are definitely headed in the right direction, at least in USA.

  5. We don’t need a government that demands that we take a untested experimental non-vaccine shot that has not even been tested on animals and some special select people in America don’t have to take, just the peasant workers. BS

  6. If people think something will do them some good, you don’t have to mandate it. For examples, coffee in the morning and warm clothing in the winter don’t have to be mandated to get people to use them.

  7. Aussie October 16, 2021 at 11:33 pm

    “…“Miss TRUMP Yet?” No. I fail to understand why people can’t see what he did…”

    Alright, I’ll bite. What did he do?


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