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News flash: America isn’t crying over the plight of the White House press corps

Joseph Borelli for The Hill: Donald Trump is no ordinary politician, and on Thursday we witnessed no ordinary press conference.

Trump’s assault is sure to alter White House media relations for years to come; and it is safe to say no other president has dared to change this dynamic since the day when Teddy Roosevelt first used the term “muckrakers.”

The president and his administration treat the media with an air of contempt.  Yet, while we can’t pinpoint which is the chicken or the egg, there is a clear and unabashed reciprocity on the part of most mainstream media outlets.

It’s time for them to stop pretending there isn’t.

In the hours following the event, and in the days leading up to it, there has been an open barrage from the members of the press corps and their news organizations about the way they are treated and outrage at the new standard, almost in some effort to gain public sympathy and support for their plight.

They have even gone as far as questioning the administration’s authority to, of all things, call on smaller and less nationally known news outlets instead of the larger mainstream ones that have been entrenched in attack-mode since the inauguration.

Oh, how the public weeps.

One of the mistakes the press corps is making is that they are trying to insert themselves as a character in the play, rather than just a critic in the audience. The rest is here

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  1. The media had gotten to the point where they believe they are the ones who control people. Pres. Trump is showing them that they are not as powerful and smart as they think they are.

  2. After 9 years of the ass lick coverage of O’Baja, America has their number.
    They, the MSM, got cocky and figured America was asleep. We weren’t asleep only wary of being Identified as any number of ‘ists’ or ‘phobics’.
    The Progs overstepped, called us out en masse. Knowing there was no way possible everybody accused were terrible people, the only answer was the press was colluding and should be ignored and ridiculed.
    Trump recognized this and capitalized on the press overreach, sux to be them.


  3. Gladys
    They will never get the point, that’s the beauty of it.
    Beat them at their own game.
    I’m loving every minute of it.

  4. Funny how the WH Press corps expect their jobs to be protected, they abhor any type of competition but these are the same leftists that are fine having open borders, allowing American jobs to be taken by foreigners for cheaper wages, telling us that is the new America, get used to it. Well they better get used to their new normal – as long as Trump is POTUS they don’t get to dictate who gets to disseminate information.

  5. I remember Chris Cuomo of CNN telling us that it is illegal for us citizens to view leaks on Wikileaks, but it is legal for the media to do so, Then we (The media) can tell you (the deplorables) what you need to know. Chris, with all due respect. Pog Mo Theoin!

  6. NBC msNBC Bloomberg Guardian BBC Time CNN et al

    Your scripts are tired
    You have been outwitted
    You are played-out
    and we will see who outlasts

    …one guarantee

    Me or you

    No Survivors

  7. I read that NPR’s Hinojosa was calling for nobody to show up for a Trump press conference. This is the most extreme example of bubble mentality I’ve run across so far. She appears not to be able to even conceive of the possibility that for every anti-Trump establishment propagandist there must be twenty others who would fight tooth and nail to sit in those empty chairs.

  8. @Uncle Al — They don’t conceive the possibility because they don’t see alt media as legitimate. The change in who gets questions and who gets the Skype seats at the daily WH briefings is really inflicting a lot of pain and suffering on the network and cable show people. It’s fun to watch them being pouty about it. And more of them are showing up in business attire these days, too.

  9. This thing called the press?

    Those used to be known as reporters, yes?


    They ONLY reason they still exist is cable bundles
    have them being funded and medical bullshit commercials.

    Defund and bankrupt them.

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