Newsflash Shocker – Upper West Side Manhattanite White Progressives Are Bigots

We covered this about a year ago. It has an update-

When rich white elite progressive parents were told that their kids were going to subjected to a lottery system in order to integrate their schools, they went nuts.

Of course, it had nothing to do with being racists, or discriminatory, it had to do with….  give them a second or two and they’ll come up with a palatable excuse…

Spearheaded by the husband of Samantha Bee, the Daily Show contributor who went on to star in her own progressive show, Jason Jones said it had to do with having the kids travel, or being subjected to “musical chairs.” It was confusion… yes, that was it. It was “unsettling.” He said it was slanderous that anyone would accuse them of having any other objection. He then ordered all the parents to clam up and not talk to the press.

Well, the board of education heard the parents. And they responded to the exact reason the parents claimed they were upset and decided to bus the black and brown kids into the school.

Having been called on their bluff, the progressives went even more nuts. They had new and improved excuses.

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  1. For his part, PS 199’s principal Henry Zymeck isn’t happy with the fusillade of complaints over the new desegregation initiative. Zymeck defended the program and said parents’ opposition was upsetting.

    Addressing those same parents at Tuesday’s meeting, he said, “There are kids that are tremendously disadvantaged. And to compare these students and say, ‘My already advantaged kid needs more advantage, they need to be kept away from those kids,’ is tremendously offensive to me.”

    Question 1: do the kids who can’t read an analog clock know what fusillade means?
    Question 2: fusillade refers to guns, do we have to close the school or just fire the principal?

  2. It shouldn’t stop with destroying the leftists scumbags schools.

    If I could afford it, I would walk around the city and offer every homeless bum $25 a day cash to move to Park Ave, 5th Ave, and Madison Ave between 60 St and 96 St and set up their tents and cardboard boxes. I would pay them every morning as long as they stayed there. Destroy the exclusive neighborhoods they live so privileged in. Make them see, smell, and step over the vermin as they scurry to their limosines.

    These usesless, moronic, clueless organizations that waste their money on lawsuits and printing dumb magazines that nobody reads, could get a lot of bang for their buck if they knew how to street fight.

    I would bus those same bums every day to events held by the leftist political marxist scum and have them pack into the rooms next to reporters and make them yell questions. I would lay them down in front of CNN, HBO, MTV, ABC, CBS, NBC and the NYT buildings during work hours. That would be bonus pay.

  3. careful what you wish for you might just get it !

    ha ha ha ha leftist assholes !

    of course the only reason we have segregation of “races” is because the races want to be segregated !

    put groups of all the races in one room and soon they will all self segregate into their respective racial groups because it’s what nature dictates and they desire.

    quit messing with mother nature !

  4. This isn’t supposed to happen to the progressive/socialist elite.

    Yet, the progressive/socialist SJW principle, Zymeck, used the word offensive implying these Progressive/Socialists parents are racist, selfish and totally unreasonable to expect their exorbitant property taxes and education contributions provide their children a better education than other less affluent School Districts.

    If we can’t raise the standards in all schools, in fairness we must lower the standards in the good schools to attain equality.

    The Government knows what is best for your child, and finds your concerns and remarks offensive. Sit down and STFU.

  5. Do you think these scions of polite society will realize their children are being sacrificed by “their” professional betters for their parents’ defiance? That “their” public “servants” think using children like ISIS toys is a perfectly reasonable, morally upright, just a word to the wise, warning to the uppity?

  6. Black people tend to self segregate in urban areas. Shouldn’t they be able to keep their kids in their local schools if they want to? I wouldn’t my kids to have to waste time being bussed to some far away school.

  7. Looks like it’s time to Rent a Minority. Funny site. The creator is a bit of a SJW as opposed to the newer SJB variety. Check the “Featured Minorities” sub-section.
    “Smiling Muslim Woman
    Certified not to support ISIS (or your money back).”


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