Newsmax Host Steve Cortes Leaving After Not Complying With Vax Mandate

PTN: In early November it was reported that Newsmax was instituting a COVID vaccine mandate for its employees.

From Independent: 

Conservative news outlet Newsmax says it will implement a Covid-19 vaccine mandate for its staff.

The right-wing news network has told employees that they have to be fully vaccinated by 4 January or undergo weekly testing.

Now, we have this.
Newsmax Host Steve Cortes is quitting over it. Cortes is a former Trump campaign advisor. MORE

15 Comments on Newsmax Host Steve Cortes Leaving After Not Complying With Vax Mandate

  1. There will be lots more leaving from the long list of side effects from numerous lab rat jabs coming along the way down the road. Till die hard manufactures get it right or give up. God bless the little test sheep for stepping up to the grave danger.

  2. Roger, you will have to find it ala’ carte on the web; political commentators that you trust. One stop shopping for news is a thing of the past now.

  3. Roger, sites like this, Doug Ross, TBP, CTH, 90 Miles, AofS…like Odin says, it’s ala carte.

    I also check out the wacky leftest sites like CommonDreams

  4. I haven’t watched one single news program local or national since last July, I just do my own research and listen to smart friends that feel the need to watch news. It has done wonders for lowering my blood pressure!

    Now if I can only survive the commercials where old burnouts are hawking MEDICARE SUPPLEMENTS I’ll have it made!

  5. I enjoy watching Lester Dolt and shouting out obscenities and racial slurs. I find it relieves tension and provides some enjoyment. My girlfriend says “just shut the fucking TV off.”

  6. @RogerF, I have never purchased a television in my life; my husband brought one into our marriage and discovered how much more serene it is not to watch tv and we got rid of it not long after we had our son. I search out websites like this and find what I want and need to know. It always shocks me when I have to fly and the waiting area has CNN bilge on the teevee. Ugh

  7. None of these celebrity hucksters shilling Medicare supplement plans are hurting for money, so why are they pretending like they need these Medicare plans in the first place unless they’re getting paid well to do so. I either turn the damn commercials off or mute it or flip to another channel only to find them on another channel. Most of these hucksters are has beens especially Joe Willie Namath and Jimmy Walker that no one has heard or paid attention to in a long time.

  8. Doc NOVEMBER 28, 2021 AT 1:53 PM
    “Now if I can only survive the commercials where old burnouts are hawking MEDICARE SUPPLEMENTS I’ll have it made!”
    Boy ain’t that the truth. Luckily I have a button on my remote so I can switch back and forth between 2 stations. When JJ or Namath come on I hit the button as fast as I can.

  9. Thank you all. My real point was to ask if any of these services deserve my attention. Most of the Newsmax contributors seem to be conservative, but then they go full vax.
    I do have a number of websites I use, but when I wake up in the morning, it would be nice to be able to pull up something and watch while I am doing my normal morning stuff

  10. Interesting. Newsmax said they wouldn’t enforce Obiden’s dictate. Guess they caved.
    I like Cortes. Not his co host so much.
    I wonder if anyone else will quit.

  11. I switched from Fox to Newsmax after the 2020 election. I lasted about 2 weeks. Their weakness as a conservative outlet becames evident to me. Haven’t been there since.


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