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Newsom Calls For a ‘West Coast Offensive’

California Gov. Gavin Newsom calls for an uprising: “CA, OR and WA are creating the West Coast offensive. A road map for other states to stand up for women. Time to fight like hell.”

h/t ToreSays.

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  1. …someone should tell Newsome the Antichrist comes from the EAST, so if this is meant to be an audition he’s already geographically eliminated, so he can stop trying…

  2. Yeah, I find those states to be quite offensive.
    You would think these assholes would have their hands full, handling the homeless, druggie, shit flowing in the streets problems in their respective states.
    But no, let’s “fight” for the non-existent constitutional “right” to off an innocent life.
    What an effing tard.
    You can definitely tell he and Nasty Nancy are related.

  3. Don Jr needs to remember that as hot as his cougar Latina girlfriend is, she used to share a bed with gruesome Newsom. Yuck 🤮

  4. Gas in L.A. is $8.00 a gallon. People can’t afford to drive to work. The last thing on the people that these clowns traditionally depend on for votes are thinking about is abortion. They’re thinking fuck you ass hole. If the elections not rigged this sissy boy is a bad memory. Again, there’s a scheduled increase in Cali gas tax of .05 cents per gallon kicking in July 1. That should go over real well.

  5. Since they are not biologists they have don’t know what a woman is and the offensive will die out due to infighting over pronouns, definitions, and what an inclusive term for woman should be.

  6. Maybe it’s time for the various liberal states to leave the union. I would welcome a national divorce.

    The miserable feeling the liberals have today is much like emotion I had when Obama won his second term or when Biden was “selected”. Makes me even more joyful about the decision.

  7. It’s impressive that liberal dems have such solidarity,
    It’s disgusting that it’s always for nefarious reasons.

  8. Suit me just fine if CA, OR, and WA just broke away and sank into the Pacific.
    Fuck them – ALL three of them.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  9. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    San Andreas fault……..several pony nukes placed juuuuuust so……..

  10. Nobody wants to be like California.

    A website I go to once in a while is like porn to me, except it’s like porn for conservatives. You know it’s make believe but want it to be true. Real Raw News. I know most of you have seen it and the website said that Gavin Newsom has been executed. Hillary, Obama, lots of them. Ok, that’s my dirty confession of the night.

  11. If ANY republican or conservative were to say things like all of the unhinged democrats are spewing in the media, they would be locked up so quick they would not know what hit them. Newsom, Mad Maxine, AOC & the rest of the usual suspects are basically making terror threats & OMG hate speech, according to their “rules”. We truly do live in a two tier society & that should scare every person who loves the first amendment & the country.

  12. Brad
    JUNE 24, 2022 AT 4:39 PM

    “If the elections not rigged this sissy boy is a bad memory. ”




  13. Is he aware it is already legal in California? You know, the state where he is supposedly its governor?
    He is an absolute failure and a disgrace.
    Unfortunately, I am stuck in California for now, in this communist cesspool.

  14. The child-murdering Newsom is highly likely one of the reprobates who engineered (all) child killings in schools, such as seen in Texas et al.

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