Newsom Halts Any Further Executions In CA

California’s governor will sign an order today stopping all executions in his state. Gavin Newsom will also withdraw the state’s lethal drug protocol and close the gas chamber at San Quentin.  The move comes in opposition to the voters in the state which passed Proposition 65 in 2016 to speed up executions. More

While murders in California may still face the death penalty, there will be no executions carried out while Newsom is governor.

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  1. I thought California banned all executions right after the Manson clan. Talk about people who deserved whacking. And that was 50 years ago.

    Of course, EVERYTHING is 50 years ago, or longer.

  2. They’ll keep doing everything they can to bankrupt the state so they can demand a massive bailout, get it from the next Democrat POTUS (executive order, you watch), steal from it, then leave the unsolvable problems for whatever chumps run for office after them.

    Socialism and communism are scams run by the power mad.

  3. The sonsabitches are relentless. In Washington State the pieces of shit are busy trying to overturn our Three Strikes Law.

    Never concede good intentions to progressives, it is never warranted. The progressive movement has been totally invested in increasing innocent human suffering, misery and death since day one and these moves are consistent with that ethic.
    In 1993, Washington was the first state in the nation to pass a no-nonsense Three Strikes policy. Since then 23 other states and the federal government have enacted some form of Three Strikes, You’re Out laws to deal with repeat serious criminals. The Washington State Supreme Court recently upheld this landmark legislation in three rulings on three companion cases.

  4. He’ll probably just commute all their sentences and release them to join the other deadly criminals flooding the state.

  5. Name one Goddamnded thing that is popular with voters and unpopular with criminals that the Democrats are not on the criminals side on and I will kiss your ass in public and give you two weeks to gather a crowd.

    Just one.

  6. Does not apply o to execution of totally innocent babies.
    Liberals all for murdering innocent babies, but against execution of convicted murderous thugs.
    Liberals believe in “settled science” of global warming, but say sex or gender is fluid and in the mind of the person, not actual sex on the birth certificate.

  7. FYI
    Repeal of the death penalty was on our state ballot in 2016. It failed convincingly. The will of the people no longer matters.

  8. Don Junior neeed to be really careful with Gavin’s ex. Kimberly May be hot, but, remember she’s the es of Gavin.

  9. I’m surprised that preening cocksucker can pull himself away from the mirror long enough to get anything done.

  10. I’ll have to call my old buddy who works as a painter at San Quentin. He was personally responsible for keeping the green death chamber freshly painted and ready for business.

    Well…..he’s a union guy so he’ll probably keep his job but simply work less.

  11. …i don’t know what Newsom is worried about. Dead or alive, the murderers are reliable Democrat votes either way…

  12. As Bad Brad mentioned above, the people of California voted overwhelmingly to keep the death penalty in 2016. But then they elected this asshat, Newsome, as governor. I will never understand the voters in this state. The majority opposes the demonrat positions on many issues: crime, taxes, illegal immigration, etc. Then they unfailingly elect democrats. It makes me want to punch people I know vote democrat but then bitch about things. Well who is in charge? Who did you vote for? GRRRRRRR!

  13. Anybody told the illegal-alien invading rat-people?
    They’ll have to cut out executing citizens, now, won’t they?

    No more Kate Steinles?

    Will the negroes still get to execute cops? It’s only FAIR!

    izlamo delenda est …

  14. Point of reference:
    Here in Florida, Ted Buddy hasn’t murdered anyone for 30 years.
    I’d say death penalty works.

  15. Shang, agreed. It’s all in the branding. It’s not the “death penalty,” it’s a “retroactive abortion!”


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