Newspaper Columnist Writes He Almost Got Shot On Traffic Stop- But that’s not what the video reveals


Boone County Sheriff Refutes Columbia Daily Tribune Column By Bill Clark.

Boone County, MO – When Columbia Daily Tribune columnist Bill Clark wrote a piece attacking the Boone County Sheriff’s office, claiming “I’m lucky I didn’t get shot,” on a traffic stop, Sheriff Dwayne Carey released video of the traffic stop which shows the truth (video below.)

Bill Clark wrote the piece for the Columbia Daily Tribune, and the newspaper editors apparently approved it. In addition to claiming that he’s lucky he didn’t get shot, he claimed that he now knows, “how minority motorists feel,” and that he was subjected to “official arrogance.”

The reason for the stop was because Clark hadn’t used his turn signal. However, Clark suggests that the real reason for the stop was because he had an old car with a lot of liberal bumper stickers and a dent.

In the article, he claimed that he pulled over to yield to the police car, assuming it would pass. When he realized that he was being stopped, he took off in order to avoid blocking the road, prompting the “arrogant” deputy to ask him not to drive off during a traffic stop.  MORE


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36 Comments on Newspaper Columnist Writes He Almost Got Shot On Traffic Stop- But that’s not what the video reveals

  1. Another fukkin liar pretending to be a “journalist.”

    Shame we no longer have honest reporters.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. When will the movement to ban police from using dash and body cam videos be started? I know the first step was taken when the ACLU did not want body cams at a protest march.

  3. The chief should advise all members of the department both civilian and law enforcement that from now until a front page apology is printed by the paper the Columbia Daily Tribune is off limits for comments both on and off the record and the only time the paper will be briefed will be when all other news outlets recieve the same briefing. Crime beat reporters live and die by the contacts they make inside a police force and if that’s cut off then the number of “exclusives” of the kind that sell papers drops as well. I’d bet that ace columnist Bill Clark would find a very different atmonsphere in the cityroom then.

  4. Lots of bumper stickers? A reporter? Hope they aren’t political ones. Somebody might get the notion he’s biased or something.

  5. Enough is enough. Everyone in the world knows Bill Clark would NEVER lie, and video recorders are ALWAYS distorting the true picture. Furthermore, hilly and bill have invited me to dinner at 1600 Pennsylvania tonight.

  6. What a harrowing experience that had to be. And all because of his bumper stickers and that dent. (OK, he didn’t use his signal)
    You know, she could have been Russian.
    Are all that paper’s stories made-up shit?

  7. Maybe his definition of almost shot is someone with a loaded weapon violates his 100 foot safe space. He did pay attention to his parents “always be as rude as you can” lessons.

  8. I just went out and videotaped the rear end of my 1997 Buick…..I’m surprised I wasn’t shot….even that arrogant cardinal scheming in the tree made me feel vulnerable…

  9. Great response from the local Police Chief.

    No excuse for being a butt hurt older white male snowflake. Maybe he “identifies” as a ridiculous old woman. ( no offense intended to actual ladies at any age)

    Stops used to be a lot more relaxed before our country was overrun by Illegals, gangbangers and assorted Cartel gangs.
    Once we get them deported, and once BLM is disbanded as a violent Hate organization, maybe routine police-citizen interactions can return to their previous relaxed normalcy.

  10. 1) Who gets pulled over for failing to signal? Also, if he hadn’t been such a douche about it, and had been apologetic–“I’m sorry, officer. Did I not signal? I came to a complete stop and checked both ways.” He probably would have gotten off with a warning rather than a ticket.

  11. Glad he threatened to lawyer-up, then lied in print. The video and his editorial will make him look good in court.

    Those sneaky cops.

  12. Between his version of reality and the video, We’d say he was “trippin'” back in the 70s.

    Dude, chill out! You’re going to get us all busted with your paranoid crap!

  13. Look at all the bumper stickers, a sure sign that a lunatic is at the wheel. Probably has every cliched left wing motto on there for the whole world to get nausea with.

  14. His voice sounds reeeeeallly elderly and bewildered and senile on tape.

    I completely missed the part of the video where “his life was in danger” and he “almost got shot” and ” knew what minorities go through”.
    You know, the part where both officers are screaming at him, shouting racist epithets, drawing their Glocks and smashing both his locked car windows so they can drag him out of his vehicle through the jagged glass.
    Then that part where they team-stomped him with their SS jackboots on the asphalt. As he begged for mercy through broken teeth, screaming feeebly in vain for help from passing motorists who drove past, too terrified by the brutality to dare to stop.
    And then when the petite female LEO shoved her Glock in his mouth, told him to “say his prayers” and made him scratch his COEXIST sticker off with his broken hands.
    Before they shot up his car–tires, glass and engine block. Emptying 4 magazines each.
    Then urinating on him while live streaming it all to the Department FB Page.
    You know. That part of the stop he wrote about in his weekly fishwrapper Nickel Paper “column”.

  15. “Clark suggests that the real reason for the stop was because he had an old car with a lot of liberal bumper stickers…”

    That is why news agencies and reporters have ZERO credibility. They are biased old white guy hippies so out of touch with normalcy that they can only print lies and crap.

  16. Why am I not surprised he had an Obama sticker on his overcrowded array of bumper stickers?

  17. I like how the comments at the link got derailed by Vince snarking about older drivers. Vince, you’re gonna get your lawn trenched and your mailbox shot full of holes if you’re not more respectful.

  18. @Rufus T. Firefly July 6, 2017 at 2:42 pm

    You forgot “and government stops using the police as a profit center”.

  19. He got his @ss handed to him in the comments. He deleted a lot of them, but they keep coming. 😀

  20. One other thing. It must have been a delight for those lucky enough to hear his story then have someone rush in to say that isn’t it great that the cops were wired for both sound and picture and soon his story will be on TV. The delight of course, would be the look on his face as well as almost being able to feel the sinking feeling in his stomach as well as his bladder and bowels loosening at the same time. I’d have paid money for that.

  21. GOD BLESS THESE two Officers.
    This scumbag was WRONG WE SAW IT! But yet he fills persecuted and his rights violated! WTFO!!!
    FYI: I’ve been to this area, and I WOULD obey the law!!
    This stupid pond scum can’t think cause he has a Barry sticker on his ride!!!

  22. Hey Rufus …. you omitted the PR24/Rodney King esque torso
    thrashing. Must have been the pre-drive Quaalude ingestion that mellowed him. Side bets the slugs car interior looked like a hoarders convention?

  23. @Shazzam, I’d guess 4 changes of dirty rumpled clothes, old drive through bags and fossilized fries, some broken junk “salvaged” from neighbors’ recycling bins, stolen library copy of Hard Choices (underlined for “future column” ideas), an 8-Track of Creedence and some old joints in the glovebox.
    And extra Hilary stickers strategically placed to hide rust-outs on the trunk.

  24. @Rufus Firefly. I first read the Sheriffs witty retort, and gave him a few “attaboys” with a couple of chuckles tossed in.
    Then I read your version, I howled and peed my pants. Four thumbs up ‘ol chap 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  25. I was enjoying the pithy remarks, I failed to watch the mundane video.
    Now I have to admit, I would’ve been po’d too to be ticketed for turn signal offense. I can also understand his confusion and trying to get to an open area to pull to the side of the road. He sounds elderly.
    Would she have issued a citation if he’d been polite? Maybe. Maybe not. But rather than take the ticket, ease back into traffic, call her an a-hole and fight it in court, he decides to fight it in the court of public opinion using the only social injustice card he has. His liberal ideologies.
    And for that, I’d ticket him just on principle.

  26. Oh Rufus ….
    Ditto Engelburka ….
    Tears, snorts and howling …. and that was my wife!
    With such entertaining IOTW family members in reach of our freshly barbecue-sauce-soiled our finger tips, Wicked Tuna recording takes the ‘mute’ button side the head.
    Many thanks …. again

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