Newsweek: ‘Has There Been Any President Cooler Than Obama?’

Huh…I didn’t know Newsweek was still a thing.


Newsbusters: Journalistic love for Barack Obama certainly hasn’t gone away. Newsweek’s Twitter page on Tuesday hyped, “Has there been any president cooler than Obama?”  The magazine, which barely publishes these days, features contributions from a website called Quora. That article wondered, “OBAMA, THE FIRST POP CULTURE PRESIDENT?” 


The piece is written by Stephanie Vardavas, a 2008 Democratic National Convention delegate. She rhapsodized, “Along comes a youthful, vigorous, brilliant black man, with a lively interest in popular culture (especially sports and music) as well as the serious issues of the day. He gets elected president—twice—which still seems like a miracle to me when I think about it.”  more

obama kissing himself

17 Comments on Newsweek: ‘Has There Been Any President Cooler Than Obama?’

  1. Well whudya want for a magazine
    that wuz bought for a buck?
    (toilet paper’s worth more than that)
    The truth?
    Well… it’s sumbody’s truth.
    It’s also sumbody’s agenda!

  2. The price of their yearly subscription is what made me laugh. Why pay 100 bucks for Newsweek when I can hear them spread 0bama’s bullshit on NPR, liberal bumperstickers or on CNN while I’m trapped at the airports?

  3. If by cool you mean like your high school classmates who ended up in jail, addicted to drugs, or pregnant at sixteen, then yeah.

  4. @MJA, bad enough you need ass bleach at the airport. Don’t forget the eye bleach. Is there enough.. only 3.5 oz liquid in your carry on. 3.6oz apparently might do bad things.

  5. Barky the first pop culture prez? No, not by a long shot. Pop culture started influencing prez campaigns when speeches were first broadcast by radio, and then really took over with early televised “debates” – just look at the effect Dicky Nixon’s refusal to wear TV makeup had.

  6. “only 3.5 oz liquid in your carry on.”

    They don’t mind me packing 8 bottles of 10 ounce products in my suitcase though.

    And that 30 oz bottle of water I bought from that nice foreign gentleman at the cafe near the gate is ok to bring on.

    But oh no no… You need to toss that 4 oz tamper proof saline nasal spray in the trash at security. You could accidentally refresh someone’s nostrils or whatever.

  7. @MJA – All commercial jets run on Jet A or Jet A-1 fuel (in very cold weather there’s stuff called Jet B). A petro-chemist could tell the difference between jet fuel and kerosene but to the rest of us they are mostly the same smelly thing.

    Technically, the MD-88 engines may be related to at least one lawn mower engine. There are some people with more money than judgment who build racing “lawn mowers” and I’m sure I’ve seen one with a jet engine. Probably an old APU from a commercial clunker.

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