Next excuse: Hillary lost because, ‘dead veterans’

DC: The media is now blaming dead veterans for Hillary Clinton’s loss in the 2016 presidential election.

If fewer men and women had died in combat, particularly in key swing states, Clinton might be president, The Intercept reported. The theory is a new one in a long list of explanationsoffered for her totally unexpected loss, from Russia to the patriarchy, to FBI Director James Comey’s handling of the email investigation, to her own staff.

The dead veterans theory is based on a study of the relationship between parts of the country that felt the effects of war through the loss of loved ones and pro-Trump votes. Had those loved ones made it home from the war alive, the theory goes, the election might have flipped to Clinton.

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  1. If fewer people were shot and killed in Chicago, she would have won……oh wait the dead from the South and West side of Chicago did vote (in several precincts). Never mind.

  2. Not to belittle US military casualties, but the anumbers just don’t add up, gen using Illinois Math.

    Now if she were talking about dead gang-bangers and their victims who couldn’t vote for her….

  3. Yep, when you have a Commander in chief supporting Iran, ISIS and terrorism, bowing before his muslim rulers, establishing deadly rules of engagement, micro-managing Military leaders for political purposes and add that to an incompetent Secretary of State transferring weapons to ISIS from Libya.
    Yeah, that has an impact upon those Military families and veterans. You have hardly reaped what you sowed.
    More to come you corrupt bitch.

  4. Every week to come out with a new excuse. You lost because you are an uninspiring, unmotivated, unhealthy, unintelligent, unsober, unstable, ungiving, unintelligible, self centered bitch.

  5. Four dead Americans in Benghazi definitely cost her.

    What’s astonishing in retrospect is that the Clinton Machine so wholly owned the corrupt DNC that the Unelectable HRC could be installed as Nominee despite baggage that would have disqualified 100 better, more electable candidates.

    Now, lock her up. Lock them all up and let Treason Tribunals at Gitmo sort it out.

  6. Crooked hag! I thought she lost because obama was black, or something.

    There’s something else here besides an inability to believe she lost and it has to do with certain knowledge that their voter fraud numbers should have outpaced Trump’s electoral college win. Those blue state counties who flipped red were supposed to be in the bag. And that’s also why Crooked Hag didn’t bother to spend time on the campaign trail. Just watch, it will all come out in due time. We’ll find out why those states refuse to turn over their voter info to the newly formed commission.

  7. She lost because she didn’t burn enough candles, ring enough bells, and failed to nail a dead chicken to DJT’s door.

  8. All that photo needs is a headscarf on her.

    Ever notice how popular that Muslim-like raised index finger became since Obama started it?

  9. Don’t forget that “Ben and Jerry’s”
    didn’t name an ice cream flavor
    after her. That was her death knell.

  10. CNN should hire Jon Lovitz as their “Special Correspondent” to read all, and I do mean all, these explanations, as they are “discovered.” Yeah. That’s the ticket.

  11. @John

    Don’t forget that “Ben and Jerry’s”
    didn’t name an ice cream flavor
    after her. That was her death knell.

    Heavily Hillary Celery Sourbet

  12. Phuckin’ media can’t even get their terms correct. A “veteran” is no longer a service member. What they are referring to are combat casualties. The causality being a lethal one.

    A “dead veteran” is a former service member who has died after leaving their branch of service. They didn’t die in the field of combat.


  13. lowell –

    shows exactly how much they understand and respect the military, neh?…….

    i’m not a vet, but my mom was, and my dad was, and two of my brothers are, and my son is, and my husband is…..

    i’m just an army brat born in occupied germany and raised in occupied japan, so what do i know…..

    well, apparently, a whole lot more than these fools……..

  14. what is this, excuse #97 for the clinton loss?……dang, woman, just admit YOU LOST…..YOU YOU …YOU….YOU…LOST…..LOST …..LOST…..and GET THE F OVER IT……

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