NFL Allows Anti-Police Protests to Infiltrate The Field of Play with No Penalty – The National Football League, in its ever-expanding quest for wealth, has done absolutely nothing to deter its athletes from participating in egregious displays of anti-police behavior.

This horrendous trend began during the 2016 football season as backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick disgraced his team, and the league at large, by refusing to stand for the National Anthem.  Instead of simply finding a quiet place to make his pedantic protest alone, Kaepernick took a knee, front and center, as the focus of attention, in an attempt to bring himself notoriety as his career waned.

Seeing how successful Kaepernick had become at finding airtime for his ugly actions, many lesser known players throughout the NFL jumped onto the bandwagon.  Now, the league is facing an epidemic of these supposed role models displaying their anti-police, anti-American “beliefs” simply in order to find themselves mentioned during an ESPN broadcast that would have normally ignored their on-field mediocrity.

Not content with the coverage gained by simply protesting during the National Anthem, some players are taking their hatred of law enforcement to the game itself.  more here

21 Comments on NFL Allows Anti-Police Protests to Infiltrate The Field of Play with No Penalty

  1. When “Kaepernick took a knee”, had conservatives spread the word that he was praying, what would have happened?

    If conservatives followed progressive actions and put a conservative spin out to the public, on everything, would the idiotitic posturing stop? Not at first, but think of a conservative spin on the Chuck and Nancy show.

    Now I’ve got a project to see if I can do it, in my own mind

  2. Any owner should have the right, if not the responsibility, to tell his employees do not desecrate the flag and the national anthem.
    And cut your hair!
    If you sign for money, then you abide by the rules and regulations of the people you signed up with.
    It’s just that simple.

  3. I’ve boycotted the NFL and the oppressed, pampered, arrogant, false social justice millionaires for several years now.
    Do not miss NFL or the businesses that advertise their sport in the least.

  4. It was shocking how few people were in the LA Coliseum to watch the Redskins @ Rams on Sunday. It looked like a WNBA game in terms of attendance.

  5. Elway was interviewed, an open Romney supporter, he stated everybody has the right to express their beliefs. They do and everyone also has a right to choose how they want to spend their time and money. There are a lot of ways you can express and promote your beliefs outside of work. Giving the finger to your teammates and fans to make a point of disrespecting this country, the people that have fought for freedom, the beliefs many fans hold and the police that do their best to protect and serve is not appropriate. And if the leaders/owners of these teams don’t care to protect their brand and interests by requiring a minimum standard of decorum then they don’t deserve our time or money. Enough already.

  6. Imagine no spoiled players
    I wonder if you can
    No need for overpriced tickets
    A brotherhood of ex-fans
    Imagine all the people turning off TVs, you

    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one…

    It’s a battle for weak-kneed coaches and owners. “Do I infuriate the violent SJW crowd, or our loyal fan base who will come back week after week?” –They choose the SJWs over you.

    Is the stadium your workplace? It is. Is standing up part of pre-game team activities? It is.

    Going to the Pro Bowl and White House are extra-curricular, and excusable.

    Fine these clowns and tell them to participate, or be fined, suspended or fired. HAVE THE BALLS TO MANAGE YOUR OWN TEAM!

  8. It’s not an “ever-expanding quest for wealth” – I have to assume that was sarcasm. It’s a harrow straight through the field of quintessential American culture. On purpose.

  9. @judgeroybean brings up a good point. Eventually networks won’t be able to justify their high advertising rates to their advertisers. Sports bars won’t want to pay exorbitant cable fees if their bars aren’t full of fans.

    Trickle down poverty will affect the players at some point.

  10. There is a tremendous interest in the NFL game – at the fantasy football level. I see folks following several games at once, but only to see how “their” players are doing; many of these people have no idea of which team won or lost or what the score was. The Giants may be 0-2, but people only care whether or not Beckham caught a lot of balls. A running back may have torn the ligaments in both knees and effectively ended his career, but fantasy football players only see a hole in their line-up that has to be filled next week.

    The interest in the NFL game is shifting, but not in a way franchise owners particularly want to see. If you are interested only in the performance of a select group of players spread out across the league, you probably won’t want to spend a few hundred dollars actually going to any particular game. You may still watch your favorite team, but it’s not as likely that you will devote 3 or 4 hours watching a game involving teams you really don’t care about.

    People denigrate fantasy football as a “geek league” – and it is – but it’s low cost entertainment to millions of people who really don’t want to follow football in general. And that’s what professional sports is – entertainment. Franchise owners would do well to not forget this.

  11. Trump should stop the invitation of pro sports ‘champions’ to the White House.

    There are no more “America’s Teams”.

    Invite the guys who pick up our household garbage every week; they are bigger men than these preening fools.

  12. The Nation For Liberals will no longer get my viewer ship. The arena of gladiators has become a soap box for progressive ideology.

  13. I know that coordination would be impossible however imagine if every football fan that was offended by the actions of some of these players would pick one Sunday to turn their TV’s off or return their football tickets. The advertisers would demand their money back as well as renegotiate their contracts with the ad agencies, the owners would start screaming at the general managers and coaches, the player agents would start screaming at their clients and the era of mega million dollar contracts, the overpriced tickets, the endless stream of jerseys and other bric-brac and the politicising of the game would be over.

  14. Dear NFL: I now DVR the game, so I can skip all the commercials and announcers (including the sideline bitch who thinks she knows football). Soon, I may for get to program the DVR.

  15. They have a right to protest what ever they want, being persecuted cuss they refuse to obey the law or what ever. (How did they ever think they were above it??) but not on my dime. Screw the NFL. I will not buy any thing endorsed by any player (Ford dealer just canceled Von Miller’s endorsement contract!!) or the NFL, nor will i donate to any cause they promote.Head injury eg. My team shirts will be cut up into 4 inch strips and put on TP rolls. At least they will be good for something, and make my day.


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