NFL Owners Want To “Take A Knee” Over Goodell’s Contract Demands

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the man who let “the inmates run the prison” this year with national anthem protests, is in the midst of negotiating an extension to his current contract. There was concern that his last contract guaranteed too much money, but Goodell’s counter offer to the league has owners reconsidering having him back at all.

Goodell has reportedly demanded nearly $50 million, a private jet for life, and free healthcare for life for himself and his family.


12 Comments on NFL Owners Want To “Take A Knee” Over Goodell’s Contract Demands

  1. I’d offer him that he could leave with the clothes on his and his family’s back, and their lives. Nothing else. Freeze all accounts and assets. And be thankful.

  2. Either Goodell is blackmailing the owners over some dirty secrets he’s threatening to release or he is completely tone deaf. From what has happened to the NFL over the past years, he seems in no position to be asking for a raise nor perqs. He’s lucky he even has a job at all.

  3. A man who has not lived up (or should we say he never rose up to meet) the challenges of his times. He has failed miserably at harmonious operation of his commodity.

  4. Here is the chance to save the NFL. 1) THROW GOODELL UNDER THE BUS – – FIRE HIM! 2) Hire a pro-U.S. commissioner. 3) Establish iron clad rules that players MUST respect the national anthem. 4) Fire players that use the NFL platform for their political protests.

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