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NFL Players May Soon Be Wearing Padding Over Their Helmets

An NFL defensive lineman said this week at training camp, “Obviously, they don’t look pretty.”

The Washington Redskins… oops, the Guardians, have been wearing the new bumper helmets in training camp.

“You look like a bobblehead,” an opponent told a Guardian.

A player on another team commented, “They’re stupid.”

The league’s experiment with foamy padding that goes over helmets, has drawn criticism. It’s been an adjustment, even if many players have claimed the cap has no effect on their performance. Cameron Heyward of the Steelers described the helmet as “almost like there’s a pillow on your head” when making a tackle.

Some players who don’t like the look nonetheless appreciate the attempt at boosting safety, as the program is a joint effort between the league and the Players Association. The league’s top doctor has stated that there is a valid reason to enforce the hat policy during this time of year. We think there’s a body of work that suggests fewer strikes early in the year may yield a lower concussion rate later in the year as well,” said Allen Sills.

According to ESPN, the NFL claims that Guardian Caps (why are they named after a team?) can lessen the severity of a hit by 10% for a single player and by at least as much for a pair of players.

Seahawks player Shelby Harris called the caps “dumb” and expressed concern that they could negatively impact game outcomes. With the bulky helmet covering their faces, “you can get guys that start leading with the head more,” he warned. “The next thing you know, they knock themselves out.”

He speculated that, in the long run, this could lead to an increase in head-on collisions. According to Sills, the NFL will keep track of usage statistics for the caps in order to determine whether or not to increase their distribution in the future.

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  1. New training methods continue to yield bigger, stronger, faster. And the have for a while. Somethings got to give.

  2. Stupid idea. Instead of the helmet sliding across the turf, it will get hung-up, while the rest of the player continues to slide. I predict a lot of broken necks in the future.

  3. Have they checked with Dark Helmet on any copyright or patent protection?

    Concur with above comment trading brain injuries for neck injuries. Different friction, longer ‘moment arm’s. This safety is going to kill people.

    I don’t suppose that equipping everyone with full plate armor (Charlemagne Armor) is also being considered?

  4. “I don’t suppose that equipping everyone with full plate armor ”

    That would slow them down to about half speed. Same thing as the memory foam.
    Like I say, it’s advanced training methods producing superior athletes. Having said that the next crop of kids advancing thru the ranks are all woe and all pussies. This problem will correct itself in 5 seasons.

  5. T-shirts, gym shorts and tennis shoes. Nothing else. No pads. No cleats. Okay, a cup.

    Then let’s see how long they last. 😈

  6. @Brad — Wouldn’t it be simpler, way cheaper, and maybe even safer to have them play in water about two feet deep?

  7. Soon, in the new world order run by Soy Boys (Justine Turdeau etc.), you will need to put on a Helmet, Water Wings and a Life Jacket just to take a piss in a public toilet.

  8. Funny.
    Looks like some type of new interchangeable Dildo head.
    No wonder the felons don’t like it.


  9. Those new helmets really are just too big. The NFL needs to genetically engineer a new breed of football players with smaller heads.

    It’s apparent that the current breed has no need for the cranial capacity that they have today. In fact, their skulls maybe ought to contain only a few chips and a Wifi setup and the actual game action be controlled by a bunch of 14-year-old boys in sky boxes with game controllers and virtual reality goggles.

  10. Does it really matter where on the helmet the padding goes? The damage still comes from the brain knocking around inside the skull — changing where you place the padding isn’t going to change that.

  11. Meh.
    NFL – I don’t believe I could possibly care less what they do.

    I know that isn’t the point of the post, but I have never watched a game.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  12. I’m not a sports fan (well, maybe a little car racing) but I seem to recall Rush predicting that the commies would orchestrate the demise of football. Maybe this is a first step?

  13. They’re going the wrong way, and they’re too proud to admit it.

    The injuries stem from the fact that the players wear so much gear they think they are invincible, leading to incredibly reckless behavior on the field. More padding will only make it worse.

  14. Tux & Ghost,

    Rugby has a shit storm on Broken noses but much less concussion.

  15. Rush Limbaugh stated years ago when the first concussion reports started coming out that the liberal’s ultimate goal was to end the sport altogether.

  16. When I was in high school, we had a PE coach who ruled over us with an iron fist. One day a week, we’d play a game in the football stadium called speedball. It was much more brutal than football. It was basically a no holes barred free for all between two teams for control of a ball. All we had on was a jock strap and gym shorts and bare feet. Things got pretty violent and injuries were frequent. Many grudges were settled during the mayhem. I once found myself at the bottom of a pile on of sixty guys and could hear and feel my bones and joints being stressed to their limits. I thought my spine was going to be snapped under the weight of the human mountain. Wish I was eighteen again and playing speedball. Good times!

  17. @ Dr. Hambone AUGUST 21, 2022 AT 11:32 AM

    You should know better. That is now how you get monkeypox. It has nothing to do with letting another guy shove his dick in your ass. Follow the science.

  18. 100 years ago, professional football players wore leather helmets. And since the forward pass had not yet been invented, there were a lot more collisions. Why was there less head trauma then like there is now? I’m going to start watching rugby, since they don’t wimp out with pads and helmets.

  19. Here’s my take on it….remove ALL of the safety gear.

    Think of it like removing all of the stop signs on a four-way intersection. When the stop signs were in place there were accident after accident…..until the stop signs were removed.

    ….now the accidents dropped 95%.
    The same principle applied to gun crime; make everyone carry a fucking gun and have training. Crime will drop drastically.

  20. Me again. A helmet might prevent a skull fracture but it will not necessarily prevent a concussion. Whiplash concussion symptoms- serious short-term and long-term memory issues as well as severe cognitive problems. Intellect might remain intact but not always.

  21. They should just move all the NFL games over to CNN and then take CNN off the air. And then everyone should just turn off their TV’s and go outside and do something. Anything.

  22. Low IQ people should be banned from any sport where routine head-hitting might cause them to lose any more IQ.

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