NFL Revenue Crashes

Breitbart:The National Football League’s 2018 ad revenue has sharply declined due to the crashing television ratings the league suffered in 2016 and 2017, according to reports.

The NFL’s TV ratings suffered a precipitous loss over the previous two seasons, with the 2016-2017 numbers down 10 percent. TV ad pricing is based on previous ratings periods, and so these declines seriously cut into the ad prices that the league could charge for the 2018 TV season.

Because of the bad numbers from last season, ad revenue fell 19 percent in the first two months of the 2018 season, Bloomberg reported.

“The effects of the lower audiences last year are spilling into this season,” said James Fennessy, chief executive officer of advertising research firm Standard Media Index.  MORE

11 Comments on NFL Revenue Crashes

  1. Although I punished the NFL with zero viewership I think most have learned their lesson about kneeling/disrespect issue.
    Watching redskins @eagles, where skins are down to their .3rd string quarterback. Formerly the Jets starter. Dirty sanchez.

    What? Watch cspan live footage of people filing past the casket in the rotunda?

    C’mon man.

  2. You just know if Preezy obola had gotten a third term, he’d be bailing the NFL out with his obamastash.

    Because the white paying fans are acting stupidly.

  3. The NFL has become the national religion of the masses of lofo’s and rich city soy boys. Hopefully, Not For Long !

  4. OT. There was supposed to be a big announcement on Hannity tonight. I’m reading Fox cooperate forced him to remove 3 guests. I got home late and haven’t had a chance to watch his show.

  5. Get woke, go broke. Hannity will have to make a choice soon, compromise or be silenced. Fox is sliding to the the dark side.

  6. Revenue down 19% is a start in the correct direction. Only a slow start with a smaller than desired result thus far, but a start.

  7. People still watch. Their excuse is that the networks don’t show the kneeling anymore. I don’t care. They are still doing it. I know how they really feel about me and the feeling is mutual. I haven’t watched since the Jaguars went to England and kneeled. That’s two seasons. I don’t miss it at all. I’m never going back.

  8. Many of us left because of the thug millionaires and their kneeling against America. What we found was we actually liked not being beholding to the weekend routine of losing several to many hours to football. That included Monday night, Thursday night and whenever else football turned out to be on. We got part of our lives back and were able to take a stand against something that truly sickened us at the same time. Today, except for a few holdouts the players have realized how they cut off their nuts to spite their faces. Problem is, it’s too late. We like having control of our lives back.


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