NFL suddenly halts daily COVID-19 testing of unvaccinated players – FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!

It is clear that money trumps any sincere “concern for human lives!”, as the fear of having to shut down the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl cash cow looms with every Covid test.

So, the NFL has decided to halt daily testing, citing “little difference between vaxxex and unvaxxed players.” (They had already stopped daily testing for vaxxed players.)

(Pssst. This is not a serious pandemic of “the unvaxxed”!!!)


The NFL will stop daily testing of all players — vaccinated or unvaccinated — for the remaining playoff teams.

According to the Associated Press, a memo was sent to all 32 NFL franchises on Friday that said medical experts from the NFL and the players’ union decided to halt daily testing of the remaining postseason teams for COVID-19.

“Following consultation with our jointly retained infectious disease experts, the NFL and NFL Players Association have updated the NFL-NFLPA COVID-19 protocols to eliminate the distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated players to determine testing cadence,” the memo stated. “Effective immediately, all players and tiered staff will be subject to strategic and targeted testing.”

All players and tiered staff are now subject to enhanced symptom screening, symptom-based testing, and targeted surveillance testing, according to NFL Network reporter Tom Pelissero.

“Of all the unvaccinated players still on playoff teams, only about a dozen haven’t had COVID already, per source,” Pelissero wrote on Twitter.


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  1. Sounds like a lot of “Harrumph, harrumph, harrumph!!” to me. Nothing to see here, move along. But first, show me the money!

  2. Too late. I’ll go back to TV sports when I’m sure ALL the transvestites, woke morons and Red China agents in it are long gone and not profiting in any way from my viewership.

  3. ** enhanced symptom screening

    That’s what’s at my kids school right now. A “covid symptom” is a headache or runny nose. If they have these “symptoms” it’s required to immediately quarantine for up to 5 to 10 days and come back with a negative test. clown world.

  4. Maybe they finally figured out that they can make money or they can control our lives, but they can’t do both.

    Sure, the despots in Cuba and Venezuela were able to get rich while their people did poorly, but they still had the rich capitalist countries to draw from. If the rich capitalist countries go down the same road then there is nothing to make the elite rich(er).

  5. Their problem is they said they consulted their infectious disease “experts”, the same idjits that got us where we are now.

  6. I’m telling you there is going to be a paradigm shift once the Trial Lawyers are pouring as much money or more into buying off politicians and purchasing advertising than Big Pharma. This is going to be the turning point and Big Pharma is going to get the Big Tobacco treatment. History repeats and woe to those who don’t think it applies to them. Once that power struggle has tilted to the Trial Lawyers all hell is going to break loose.

  7. I wear ppe/masks for the money.
    I can charge $5 to every service call.
    $20-25/day for almost 2 years. the pussies.
    I’m no better.
    I’m a $lut.

    Does anyone not think the Pelosi Lockdowns are not about her front running stocks that benefit Government policy & lockdowns.

    She knows exactly who will benefit from lockdowns, when they will end, & thus, When To Sell and rotate to “open up stocks”.

    Fuck the NHL &Gary Bettman. Not The Players.
    Late to the awakening!

  8. Following consultation with our jointly retained infectious disease experts

    It’s being handled by top men. Top. Men.

    (of no specific gender)

  9. last 2 times I was in kroger, they only mention the vaxxed need to wear the mask on their covid announcement every 15 minutes

  10. NFL? Hell, the entire state of California is just as stupid. I’ve been in your lovely state for FOUR FUCKING HOURS AND I’VE ALREADY SMASHED SOME OLD GERMAN DUDE FOR DEMANDING I WEAR A MASK.

    German? Seriously? The actual fuck.

    This ski trip is getting cut short. By like 4 days. This state is FUCKING INSANE.

    I now know what the rest of you have been going through for the past two years. I will NEVER bag on you people again. I only hope…in all seriousness, that I am able to get out of this state before I beat some jackass senseless and wind up in jail.

    Currently in the condo trying not to interact with anyone because I know it wont end well.

  11. I was in NorCal between Christmas and New Year’s. Saw fewer masks than in Phoenix. Only one lady grumped at me, so I laid down a huge, loud air biscuit for her listening pleasure. If she had complained about the smell, I would have told her that was evidence her mask didn’t work. Sadly, I didn’t get the chance.

  12. Mammoth mountain. And yes, I threw the fucking mask in his face, gave him a Hitler salute and started yellin at him in partial German.

    Also, I don’t ever go to Phoenix. No idea what’s goin’ on down there.

    I’m already sending out emails to Brianhead and Purgatory.ANYWHERE but this state…….or Nevada because as previously mentioned….it’s skeevy.

    Usually at this point I feel guilt, but not this time. I am so heated I’m ready to knock people out. Just gonna’ hang out in here and GET THE FUDGE OUT in the morning.

  13. Aaron — Save up some of your wrath for a long and loud PSA on your way to the double doors as you leave. Let anyone standing around in their mask have it. Bravo!

  14. Abby…..I’m waiting for the Mono county sheriff to show up at my door because I slammed some German fuk to the ground. Turns out he’s an employee.

    No matter. He’s easy enough to find if this clustfuck gets any more clustery or fucky.

    Gotta’ be cool cuz there’s no tobacco in Cali jails. Savages.

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