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NFL Threatens To Pull Super Bowls From Texas Over Transgender Bathrooms


In a move similar to the bullying of North Carolina by various sporting organizations, the NFL has warned Texas that a bill championed by Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick preventing transgenders from dropping a deuce with the ladies will cost the state future super bowls.

The ban would cost host cities hundreds of millions in additional revenues.


I guess Wisconsin has nothing too lose if the legislature passed its own  transgender bathroom law.



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  1. Fu*ck ’em. Your Superbowl enthusiasm dropped measurably when Dak and The ‘Boys were eliminated. The NFL needs Texas more than Texas needs the NFL.

    And the NFL is technically a “non-profit”, a status which all those Red States could surely mess with. So, back the fu*k off, you effete, Upper Manhattan, lefty douchebags!

  2. So the brain trust(?) at the NFL wants boys to go into girls bathrooms for equality sake but doesn’t want 50% of their team to be composed of girls for equality sake!
    Sounds like on one hand they are perverts and on the other hand sexists and misogynists!

  3. NFL money comes from TV
    TV money comes from ads
    Ad price is tied to eyeballs watching TV
    NFL stupid bathroom rules causes fewer watching eyeballs
    Fewer eyeballs means lower ad revenue
    Lower ad costs means TV spends less on NFL games

    Is that simple enough? I guess not, even though I used only one- and two-syllable words. Arrogant and stupid is a bad way to do business.

  4. I’d call the NFL bluff. The ratings are down, I suspect ad revenue is down and the core (actually the majority) of the fan base don’t agree with this TG bathroom BS being pulled by the bullies over at the LGBT activists/Progressive alliance. Hey, if I were Dan Patrick I’d tell the NFL to do what they think is right and I’d see them in court. Then start running commercials entitled “What’s gone wrong with our NFL?”

  5. It’s time for all white males to come to the aid of their country.
    Give up your NFL season tickets. Take the family out on Futbol Sundays. Have fun. While you still can.

  6. I have the answer.

    Make all bath room toilet areas single lockable stalls.

    Urinals with privacy area to 6 ft.
    If a chick wants to pee standing, who will care.

    This way fags and transgenders can have their own safe shity space while keeping their perversions hidden from the viewing public.

  7. Trump should order an end to the NFL’s tax-free status. He should then declare them racist and insist that the NFL reflect the racial make-up of America like the government did at the company where I worked. I’m from Texas and I say screw the NFL. If the price of having them play in Texas is making my wife or granddaughter share the restroom with a damn pervert, I don’t want them here. Progressives are the reason we can’t have nice things!

  8. It’s like the NFL is actually trying to commit total suicide.

    I hope Texas tells them to go to hell, and call enough press conferences so all the remaining fans know exactly why.

    The clueless arrogance is mind boggling.
    You can’t make up Big Stupidity like this.

    Amazing that all the many outside financial interests with Big Bucks at risk here haven’t pulled a coup, replaced Goodell and ordered emergency steps to salvage this franchise before it’s too late.

  9. What do you expect from an organization that excuses wife/girlfriend beating as long as the thug can throw and catch a ball? Naturally they’d be OK with 55 year old, mentally ill, cross dressing men using the same bathroom as your 9 year old daughter.

  10. Time to force the nfl to abide by the EEOC rules. There are no female players. That is discriminatory against women. Etc… Your move nfl.

  11. The way our country is divided we will be in civil war soon and who pees where at the Super Bowl concerns will be flushed down the toilet.

  12. If only the managers and owners would spend less time on political bullshit and the players spent more time not raping, shooting, murdering, drugging, not going to jail… there could actually be some football happening.

  13. National Flushing Latrine. They are nothing more than an overpriced bidet. Leave the turds in the septic tank where they belong.

  14. My last vomit of the evening: Governor Dan Patrick, like the great Mayor Ed Koch, never back down. Stick to your guns.
    Over two hundred years ago, fifty six men (now old dead white mudderfoders) pledged to each other “our lives, our fortunes, and our Sacred Honor” to preserve and protect the God-given unalienable rights of all free people. They created the greatest free country known to man. One hundred and fifty years later, because of the work of the last great Democrat President (JFK, for all his warts), put a man on the moon. Some 40 years later, the worst Democrat President evah (BHO, warts unknown) put a man in the girls toilet.
    As a nation we are on a cultural downspin. Now the National Hockey League want’s “LGBT ambassadors” on each team and the NFL want’s Transgender toilets at each Super Bowl venue.
    Gov. Patrick, I suggest you ask your Housten and Dallas seasonal ticket holders to dump them. Send a message. Giving up football tickets is noway like giving up your life, fortune, or Sacred Honor.
    The battle is for Western Civilization. Don’t believe me?
    Check out “Paul Joseph Watson/ Modern Culture” on youtube.

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