NFL To Play “BLACK NATIONAL ANTHEM” Before National Anthem

Let the Hodge twins tell you all about it.

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  1. Was written by a man of color who was a republican to protest the democratic party. No kidding.

  2. I wasn’t aware there was a separate “black” nation located somewhere inside the United States.

    Or that this “black” nation had their own distinct national anthem.

    Or that the sovereignty of this mysterious “black” nation somehow supersedes the sovereignty of the United States of America.

    Why it sounds exactly like something the racist, segregationist democrats have been fighting for during the last 150+ years.

    Did the United States lose the civil war???

  3. I don’t care…

    There is only one National Anthem. One. No matter if you’re red or yellow, black or white.


  4. There is no such thing as a black national anthem. Only traitorous scum would come up with something so ludicrous. The “Star-Spangled Banner” is this nation’s one and only National Anthem. A pox on those that have committed that atrocity and pox on the entire NFL.

  5. …but I AM imterested to see if Newsome is going to ban singing it at CA games. Kind of a conundrum for him, since it started life as a Christian song – and the man HATES Christians singing- BUT, since they’re planning to use it to MOCK God by dividing His children AND it promotes segregation, he most likely wants THAT show to go on…

    …decisions, decisions…it’s a LOT of work to be evil ALL the time, but he’s got Pelosi blood in him, and that’s a DEFINITE advantage in the evil department…

  6. So… they have renounced their American citizenship and are now citizens of Black?

    Do they have their green cards?

  7. Since when did the fake black nation of Waukonda at least according to marvel become it’s own separate sovereign nation within the confines of of the United States? United we stand, divided we fall and these dumbass black separatists and their white sycophants are bound and determined to separate us by race with the black nation becoming the dominant nation inside the United States because of white guilt. If we are not one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all then we will no longer be one nation but 2 separated nations with one or the other predominant. And if that’s the case we are doomed to be at war with one another to determine who will prevail and it won’t end well. ALL LIVES MATTER, no matter who we are, what religion we are, what color we are or if we’re gay or straight or what our politics are, if we believe or don’t believe in globull warming etc. God bless the Hodge twins. The NFL can go to hell as far as I am concerned, as well as the NBA and any other sport who falls for this left wing bs.

  8. I don’t care because I totally quit caring about anything NFL.
    – They could fold tomorrow – I don’t care.
    – They are meaningless to me.

  9. It’s like the PERFECT trap! Watch. They’ll ditch the song before the first week as soon as the background story gets out. 🤣

    And Le Bron James needs to drop the “I’m an oppressed black retard!” act. Well. He can’t drop the retard part.

  10. Well shoot, if yer gonna start makin sense around here, I’m goin home!

    Oh wait… I am home.

    Amazing how cowed the NFL is. They might as well be playing golf cuz they’re out there in the rough looking for their balls!!

  11. “Black” nation?

    “Be careful what you wish for; it may come true.”

    Look across the sea to all the shining examples of “Black” nations, their successes, their failures, their governments that make them the envy of the World – where every race, creed, color, and origin is trying to illegally ENTER!

    Ivory Coast?
    Central African Republic?
    South Africa?

    Which one are the peoples of the World flooding into?
    Which one are the peoples of the World sneaking across the border?
    Which one has waiting lists for immigration?

    Then why would you want to turn us into that?

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. Since K-O-pep-take ☺ took a knee and the NFL went weird, we have not turned on a NFL game. Our family met and decided not to watch the games because doing so would increase viewer #’s. Viewer numbers equal NFL Revenue. Honestly I can’t tell you who played or won the Super Bowl the last 3 years. Unless I were to look it up.

    So I took a second just now to review the NFL viewer numbers for the last 4 years played.

    2015 = 17.9M Players played and viewers watched.

    2016 = Lost 1.4 M viewers just because a 3rd string QB getting cut whined and took a Knee. He was coming off three surgeries

    2017 = Lost another 1.6 M viewers due to more player politics and take a knee and Media Hype.

    2018 = 900k of viewers RETURNED. A short pause in whiny Millionaire players stopped telling us they have been discriminated against.

    2019 = Finally back to 2015 numbers. But still some minor over hyped Politics stunts and still mostly 3rd string players near career end whining.

    In retrospect.
    Any given Rush Limbaugh show has 20 Million to 25 Million listeners.

    Based on actual numbers and not MEDIA HYPE.
    America is fed-up with the whiny Liberal Left Players and still embraces Core American Values.

  13. professional sports has destroyed themselves

    only cucks will watch them now

    even noosecar is dead

    play stupid games and win stupid prizes

  14. It’s like watching a relative killing themselves and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    A distant relative. One that you’re kind of like, “meh, I only met them that one time at a reunion so I’m not really obligated to go to their funeral”.

  15. Sports were once great. Once black players dominated with the woke BS, they decided to try using it as a weapon and are face planting their own rice bowls. When their so called anthem is played it will be the funeral for their bloated bank accounts and the end of a national sports audience willing to open their wallets to watch a bunch of stupid political hacks show their asses.

  16. Make the Sanford & Son theme song the black national anthem. A relic from the era when blacks actually made good music.


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