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NFL’s Cooper Kupp Criticizes Balenciaga For Disturbing Advertisements

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A star NFL wide receiver has sounded off against Balenciaga over recent advertisements posted by the luxury fashion house where young girls were pictured holding BDSM-clad teddy bears.

The Los Angeles Rams’ Cooper Kupp released a statement demanding Balenciaga be held “responsible” for their extremely disturbing ads.

Kupp described Balenciaga as a company that “manipulate[s] people and advertise[s] evil.”

“To try to be a voice for our children, who rely on the protection of the men and women that were entrusted the responsibility of nurturing them and raising them up: please make yourself aware of the attack against our young ones by @balenciaga, and ensure that they are held responsible for it.

For those of us in positions to create change in the way that companies manipulate people and advertise evil, please stand up!” the NFL star posted on Twitter. MORE

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  1. Brad, Cooper Kupp is one of the few that is worth being a fan of. He’s from Yakima, Washington. And went to Eastern, Washington University in Spokane. Pretty sure he married a school sweetheart from either high school or college. One of my best friends has a daughter that went to college with him and it sounds like he’s a hell of a guy.

  2. Cooper won MVP in the last Super Bowl with the Rams.
    Well deserved.
    Cincinnati would have won it easily had Cooper not been on the field.

    PS, I didn’t bet that game due to both teams being coached by morons.

  3. Back in the old days Coach Buddy Ryan complained about his receiver, Chris Carter by saying, “all he does is catch touchdowns”. Cooper Kupp is similar in the sense he doesn’t do anything spectacular, he just catches everything thrown to him.

  4. Thanks guys. Truth of the matter is I stopped watching or following any sports on TV at least 10 years ago. For obvious reasons. In fact I barely watch any TV anymore, After this last election the wife so pissed she doesn’t want to watch any news coverage. So no more FOX or NEWSMAX. Fine with me.
    I get my sports fix off Instagram. Free Stye Wrestling highlights.
    In the long run, guys like Cooper Kupp end up paying the price. Fucking brainless progressives wreck everything.

  5. There are some REAL men of CHARACTER in the NFL.

    Think of PAT TILLMAN who left the NFL to Join Special Forces after 9-11.

    Laurent Duvernay-Tardif – Quebec Canadian who quit after winning the Superbowl with KC & became a MEDICAL Doctor. (google him – its worth it)

    Those MEN are why I watch.

    On a skill level alone: #11 Julian Edelman 5’9″ and played better than any Odel Beckham Jr.

    Jerry Rice: Son of, and helped his Father as a Brick layer when he was a kid and inadvertently developed those “Hands” by catching actual bricks.

    POS’s like Owens, Chad Johnson, Antonio Brown, Aron Hernandez, … are complete ASSHOLES and NOT the norm.


  6. also: REAL MEN & HEROES

    Laurent Duvernay-Tardif – became a Doctor of Medicine after winning the superbowl in KC.

  7. Brad,

    They may pay a public price in some cases but when they wake up & look in the mirror, they can live with their choices and their dignity.

    That is priceless and worth it.


  8. Kcir

    What may very well kick off the violence in both of our countries is the way the powers to be insist on treating our children. They seem to be trying to instigate it. They’re not going to enjoy it after it finally happens. And guns are easy to get. Just take them from the cops.

  9. Yes Kcir, I always look for the true heroes in the NFL and other sports.
    The few who have the courage to speak their mind and walk away if it means they keep their dignity.
    I have supported many different teams over the years based on the integrity of the players playing for that team at that time.
    Kurt Warner, Joe Theisman, John Riggins, Dan Marino, & Brett Favre for his toughness.

    Oh, and the Redskins will ALWAYS be the Redskins, aka Hoggs!

  10. Favre totally ruined himself with his recent Financing scam.

    Warner was fantastic, a good person, and I was hoping he would win one in Arizona. The Greatest Show on Turf was Fun to watch with Faulk, Bruce, Holt & Prohle.

  11. But the president of Balenciaga said it was totally a mistake/oversight that they selected children, gave them children’s toys (teddy bears) dressed in BDSM gear, and that they had in the background of another picture the ruling from a supreme court case concerning child pornography. It was just a coincidence!

  12. The company and all the participants in the ad campaign, likely less the child models, are simply a tiny bit ahead of their time. They are definitionally avant-garde but apparently just a tiny bit too avant for the public at large. Within the circles of their habit these images are probably seen as edgy, daring, bold, but certainly not out of line in any way.

    Balenciaga sells Veblen goods to people with middling to large economic success, earned or otherwise, in the current cultural and economic system. The goods are essentially pure status symbols with only the tiniest component of utility tacked on due primarily to a lack of imagination on both the buyer and seller’s part.

    Sniffing buttholes is not just for dogs you know, in fact the whole of the high status world are the most committed butt sniffing, spittle licking anxiously following virtue (and taste, the upper end) signaling group in our culture. This is not to say the practice is not followed throughout the culture, it is, down to the low money mama who whores it out to get that Kate Spade knockoff the bangers down the street are selling.

    Why do middle American parents go along with physical mutilation of their mentally disturbed children? It’s a signal, status, evidence of superiority to the other.

    If I run Dodge products to signal my displeasure with dad who runs Ford how am I any different?

  13. ^^^… I want someone to call out the parents who allowed their kids to be pedophilia displays.”

    don’t forget who kamal harris’ step daughter works for
    yeppers- balencioa or what ever their perverted name is

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